Social Media Hype – How To Build Your Audience and Make a Livelihood

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Social Media Hype – How To Build Your Audience and Make a Livelihood

There are many modern “snake oil” vendors on the internet who claim that the only way to get rich at night is to enroll in their super duper internet program. I’m sure they must have good intentions. However, they got me thinking about the American gold rush, where those who made the most money in a row were the crews selling shovels and other mining equipment. Some seekers make money and many turn out to be poor.

Does that mean you can’t make money online? Of course you can and can earn a lot! I just don’t buy all the “get rich quick” programs and claim they make millions a month at the touch of a button. Nor do I believe that such entrepreneurs are willing  Iceland phone number list to divulge the secrets to their phenomenal success at such a fair price. Many sell counterfeit recycled informational products with little or no value. Your days are numbered. People are getting smarter.

My starting point for making money online and offline is to follow your passions and take advantage of certain knowledge or opportunities that you have. I firmly believe that it is better to be world class in the micro segment than to try to do it all for everyone and lower the rankings in terms of skill set. In fact, the people there are experts at things like portable coffee mugs, laptop bags or Icelandic ponies that can lead lives of passion and wealth. Finding your passion is an entirely different topic and I would recommend reading Seth Godin’s book The Dip.

In the following I assume that you have defined your area of ​​experience, which I hope relates to your interests.

As modern society moves from a sales-oriented market to a shopping-oriented market, the audience becomes more important. Where there used to be a link between increased marketing costs and higher sales, this is no longer the case when sellers were previously able to promote a product or service by bombarding their target market with marketing communications. Past. There used to be a relationship between your marketing costs and your sales. This is no longer the case. We find ourselves in a world where the offerings are no longer limited in terms of actual products and services and access to information. Everyone can have everything and everyone has access to all information. We are moving into a society where buyers want to buy from suppliers they like or want to connect with. This is a big difference from the old way of selling.

This is why having an audience is so important: Your audience chooses YOU because they want to be associated with YOUR product or service.

This article aims to differentiate advertising from reality when using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to build an audience and take advantage of these platforms.

There are three steps to using social media to build your audience. Let me explain what to do with Facebook start-up (FB):

Group 1: the main group of friends
Group 2: group / fan created
Group 3: Your website users

The first two groups aim

a) Expand your network
b) Build strength in your area (trust is the key to the new buyer-oriented paradigm)
c) Attract people from your network to your website to get them to buy something (remember, sales are sold out).

1) The main group of friends
Facebook is your tool. Remember that “friend” is the term the website chooses, not you. This means that you will connect with some people you would normally not want to maintain a permanent relationship with, or with people who annoy you, or even with people you barely know. Think of them as your audience. It is important to actively increase the number of friends in this group.See Facebook as a tool, not as a representation of who you like b2c phone list or who you want to be near or near. As an authority, you become (semi) a personality in public life. So make a public profile. Who do you really like and love is your personal question and you don’t have to use FB to show it, but let FB start connecting you with other people.

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