Should You Update Your Meta Descriptions? Here Is John Mueller’s Answer!

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Should You Update Your Meta Descriptions? Here Is John Mueller’s Answer!

Since the beginning of  certain queries to display significantly more characters instead of the meta description in its search results. Thus on certain queries only, snippets can now display up to 320 characters instead of the traditional meta description of 160 characters. Meta description 300 characters Google Here is an example of a meta description of. Characters including spaces observed on the generic query on. In this context, many webmasters and SEOs are wondering whether or not to modify. All meta descriptions to add more characters and thus try to better control what Google displays when it decides to show more of 160 characters to users of its search engine.

Here’s what John Mueller recently responded to the subject during a live Hangout. Meta descriptions and SEO: reminder of the basics by John Mueller John Mueller began by recalling that depending on the requests of Internet users, Google can decide whether  business phone list or not to display the meta description filled in by the webmaster . In fact, even before this recent update, the search engine could select a paragraph in the content which, in its opinion, best responded to the request of the Internet user. This is still true in 2018 with meta descriptions that can now display over 300 characters.

Until Recently the Ideal Meta Description

The webmaster trends analyst also recalled that meta descriptions do not directly impact the positioning of a site but that they above all have an important role in improving the click-through rate of a result in search results. Modification or not of meta descriptions: here is what John Mueller recommends Specifically, John Mueller does not explicitly recommend updating all of his meta descriptions to be longer . On the other hand, John


Mueller recommends analyzing via the queries a page is positioned and how the meta descriptions are. Displayed on these queries if Google displays long meta descriptions John Mueller believes. That modifying the meta descriptions may be of interest even if Google will always reserve the right to display them or not. As often Google is not very clear in its response and the search engine through John.

Mueller Here Therefore Does Not Clearly Advise

Webmasters to go over all of their meta descriptions so that they are more optimized for the new. Maximum size of about 320 characters here is John Mueller’s full talk on meta description. What are the criteria to take into account in seo. You have just read it, the meta description is not a positioning criterion since. Google can replace it at will if it finds something that seems more relevant to it. On the other hand. The latter can improve your CTR since it is what will make the user want to click on the link to visit your page.

But what are the criteria not to be overlooked if you want to be part of the first  places. So coveted by SEOs have quality content. Even though Google says word count is not of fundamental importance it is customary to say that a minimum of. Original words is required you also respect good semantics with an H1 and  to properly structure your text.

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