Several Sites on the Same Ip: What Seo Impact?

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Several Sites on the Same Ip: What Seo Impact?

Should you necessarily create all your sites on different IPs to position yourself well on Google? Can using a shared server with many sites affect your SEO? Is it preferable to put each site of its network on a different IP and a separate server? John Mueller recently clarified some of these questions. A recurring question for many years in the SEO community, the choice to create each site on your network on a different web hosting with a different IP has always been the recommended best practice. But concretely, does this change anything for the functioning of Google? The short answer to this last question is no. John Mueller recently confirmed this in a conversation on Google’s Webmaster Help Center.

According to him Google is accustomed to browsing thousands of sites that have no connection with.  Each other but which are nevertheless hosted on identical IPs shared on shared hosting. Summary  Do you have . To have dedicated IPs to position yourself  cell number tracker canada the short answer is no. You can very well position yourself on Google by having a site hosted on shared hosting with a shared IP. However it is recommended to opt for a dedicated server when you want.  To make your site more secure and optimize its web performance. The loading time having an increasingly important impact on referencing.  The choice of the dedicated IP is indirectly more interesting than the shared IP on a shared one.

Private Blog Networks and Site Networks:

If it is therefore not a particular problem for Google that many sites share the same IP address.  What about private blog networks and networks of SEO-oriented sites? If your goal is to use your network . Of sites for purely SEO purposes of course you should avoid any footprint easily detectable by a.  Googler from the anti-spam team or even Google automatically . Thus, creating a good part of your sites and then hosting them all on the same shared hosting with the same shared IP is clearly not a good idea. In the case of a network of private blogs the ideal is to have many different hosts  different. different registrars for your domain names as well as different types of hosting (dedicated server with dedicated.  Shared hosting with shared IP for example).

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The closer your IP strategy is to what Google is used to crawling across the web the less .The few links exchanged between your sites (if that is your objective) will be easily detectable by the search engine and its teams. Conclusion Depending on your objective  referencing a single site or creating a private network of sites. The answer will therefore not be the same. Officially  for Google, the fact that many sites share the same IP is in any case not problematic and does not impact. The different sites in any way By following a tutorial on the web If you follow a tutorial to create an e-commerce site.  You will find that it does not necessarily take long Indeed  some webmasters can manage to make an online sales site in about ten minutes.

This Can Sometimes Require a Certain Technical Background,

Or at least a great autonomy on a daily basis. You will then have to take time to personalize and feed your online store, which is not an easy task, quite the contrary… By using an agency specializing in e-commerce Finally, if you do not feel in a position to be able to create an online sales site on your own, it is preferable to call on an external company which will be responsible for creating it for you. From conception to design and other technical choices it has never been easier for you to have.  Your e-commerce site  you will simply let yourself be guided…

John Mueller then also added that links contrary to Google’s quality guidelines are in any.  Automatically ignored by the algorithms The use of colored graphs, curves diagrams.  And others will facilitate the understanding of the chosen indicators.  Understand in which direction one wishes to go. Validate the final rendering Before distributing the HR dashboard to the people concerned.  It may be interesting to share it with a few employees. The latter will then be able to take a neutral look at the latter and provide constructive feedback, which will make it possible to identify potential biases for improvement if necessary.

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