Seven C’s of success

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Seven C’s of success

Prepare to set sail with the Seven Cs – Seven Cs of success. Please come in
Get on and take this ship to your destiny! There are seven C’s for sailing
if you want total success. Here it is in alphabetical order:

1. Caring – I believe to be truly successful in this world we must have
A vision that is bigger than just a goal for ourselves or just to achieve
line our own pockets. I believe that successful people care deeply
for the others. Yes, they Cameroon phone number list are aggressive, but not aggressive towards you
shows that they are rude to others.

Question: What are the factors of your care? Are you positioning people appropriately?
a place like a person who deserves respect, respect, and proper treatment? Or to have
Have you started treating other people as means to an end?

2. Character – Success is more than just increasing the number of characters you have
Bank account. In fact, I’m sure no one can add to his bank account
with a simple plan. Financial development is the easy part. character
Development is the hardest part, allowing any effort and formation
We shape as we experience it and always move towards our goals and never
Let negative circumstances destroy us but make us better people.
That is true success!

Question: What is your character like? Are you a better person with everyone?
Passing experience? Become a stone of wisdom and experience,
Deepen your character base?

Choice Three – Eisenhower reminds us that our stories are written by choice.
not by chance. Your every step towards your final success and
Destiny will become because you choose to go there. The action you take
Choose, each day will be added to your finals in the long run
Target. The strength we must choose as humans is one of the greatest
A gift known to mankind.

Question: Do you choose to be successful in your decisions? Anyone
The decisions you make will move you forward or away from your goals. What
You choose?

4. Concentration – Often, those who fail to do so lose concentration
Concentration. Something else appeared and became his new fantasy.
They move from mood to mood and are swayed by strong winds.
The successful man, however, stands firm, his eyes glued
the result. One of my favorite posters as a boy was from George Brett
Kansas City Royals baseball team. You are photographed like a bat
hit the ball. Where are George’s eyes? Straight down the barrel
Bat and see the point where the ball and bat meet. There it is

Question: How is your concentration? Maintain your goal and focus
Get stuck over it, or do you let your mind and heart wander from desire to desire?

5. Confidence – Success b2c phone list comes to those who have the confidence to try and succeed
more than that, belief in victory. Trust is something you can do
Grow in your mind and heart. Every win you win is built up
The more confidence in you to withdraw from the next fight
another struggle to success. Do what you can to build
Confidence so you can dive deeper
great if you need it!

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