Serpometer May 2015 as for Websites That Measure the

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Serpometer May 2015 as for Websites That Measure the

Fluctuation of SEO positions, the French Ranks Serpometer detected a fluctuation peak on May 4th with an index of 6 against 3 to 4 in normal times . Other American websites such as SearchMetrics or SERPMetrics have also detected significant fluctuations in recent days. Google had announced that Penguin and Panda updates would now be rolled out continuously, did they forget to tell us about a new update ? Could this be just a refresh of Google Panda 4.1 ? Could it really be the arrival of Google Panda 4.2 or 4.3? As long as no official announcement has been made by Google, it will only be speculation for the moment.

Barry Schwartz, on the other hand, would have had confirmation from Google that no update would have been deployed during the weekend of May 1, a matter to be followed closely, therefore…If websites like Searchmetrics already have their idea of ​​the winners and Peru whatsapp number list of this Mobilegeddon update in the US, John Mueller explains that the results will be clearly visible from this week (April 27 to May 3). It is therefore by comparing this week’s mobile traffic to that of last week that you will be able to measure the real impact of the Google update on your website. John Mueller also confirmed in a recent hangout that the update had been deployed to all Google data centers and was even completed on some of them.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Also Confirmed

That the update would take at least a week to be fully deployed worldwide and to all data centers , so the first impacts can already be seen, but it should be left open. spend a few days before you can actually analyze the effects of this algorithmic change. What are the first impacts observed in France? In France, the LeBonCoin site would be the biggest loser of this new algorithmic update with a drop of nearly 34% in its visibility on mobile results. The figures presented for Commerce do not take into account the rise of the subdomain in mobile results. So this development taken with a grain of salt.

A good URL structure helps people know at a glance what a page is about . In order to help mobile users better understand. What websites are talking about when they browse Google’s mobile results, the favorite search engine. Which manage the display of URLs in mobile SERPs . Summary. What changes in mobile SERPs? Google mobile SERP change Concretely, this update will replace the of the domain by the brand name of the site. Internal pages formatted in the same format a to improve the readability of mobile search results.

the Modification of the Display of Urls in the

Form of a breadcrumb deployed worldwide from now on, the replacement. The domain name by the brand name will only be visible by using the Google search. On their smartphone in the United States initially, the optimization in the rest of the world thereafter. How to manage the brand name that displayed instead of the domain name? Google has just created a brand new support page to help webmasters display. Some instructions from Google concerning this name which will replace the domain name. The name chosen must be close to the domain name The name chosen must be natural.

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