Seo Watch John Mueller’s Last 6 Announcements in February 2018!

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Seo Watch John Mueller’s Last 6 Announcements in February 2018!

John Mueller regularly answers many questions asked by English-speaking webmasters and SEOs via the Google Webmaster Central office-hours Hangouts. Here is a summary of the answers and announcements related to SEO that should be remembered from sri lanka telephone number search  the one dating from February  The same structured data should not be duplicated on many pages John Mueller reminded that all structured data markup should be unique for each page . ( Source ) Thus, using the same structured data (related to reviews for example) on many pages in order to take advantage of rich

If John Mueller did not expand on the question the risk for a site using these practices. Would be to lose all of its rich snippets in the search results following a manual action for example. 2- Crawl of old 4xx pages by Google is not a negative signal Google may have to crawl old 404 / 410 pages and this does not mean that the crawl budget of a site is lost but rather that Google has the capacities to crawl more for this site but that it does not have enough URLs available. Snippets in search results is contrary to Google’s recommendations.

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According to John Mueller, Googlebot may crawl pages for several reasons has enough crawl. Capabilities to revert to old URLs to check that old 404 pages would not come back in 200 John.  Mueller clarified that webmasters should not prevent Googlebot from crawling or pages. The location of internal links in the page has no impact on their value While many webmasters and SEOs think that the links (internal and outbound) placed higher up the page are more valuable than those at the bottom of the page, John Mueller persists in saying that Google does not give more importance to a link placed higher on the page.

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Google recommends international sites not to redirect users automatically If several language.  Versions of the same page exist John Mueller recommends to webmasters not to.  Automatically redirect users to the one that could be the most suitable for the user but rather to give him the choice via a banner. This banner would also help Google crawl all versions of a page. Without forced to a single version because of the automatic redirect. Launched in October 2012 to help Google News better identify the topics covered  news articles  the news keywords meta tag is no longer officially used.

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The goal is simple: empower news writers to express their stories freely while helping Google . News to properly understand and classify that content so that it’s discoverable by our wide audience of users.  Source announcement of the launch of the news keywords tag on the Google blog in 2012 . Originally launched in order to help Google better understand the topics covered by a news article that did not. Necessarily add the relevant keywords in its title and the rest of its content. The news keywords meta tag also helped Google to classify the articles and bring up the right articles on the right requests from Internet users.

Google confirms that it no longer uses the news keywords tag since October 2017 end of support. Meta news keywords A little more than years after its introduction.  Google officially indicated  via John Mueller  that it would no longer take into account the.  Keywords integrated into the news keywords meta tag dedicated to sites referenced on Google News . John Mueller clarified that sites that have such a tag can still decide to leave it in place if they wish even if the latter.

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