Seo Salary Infographicweb-Referrer-Profile Summary :

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Seo Salary Infographicweb-Referrer-Profile Summary :

What is the profile of the French SEO? While many respondents are over 30 years old, the 26-30 age group is the most represented with 37% of SEOs surveyed . The work of web referencing still seems today mainly dominated by men since only 31% of women hold a job in SEO . If the Ile de France is an important pool of SEOs, 64% of respondents work in the provinces . 60% of SEOs surveyed have less than 5 years of experience in the field , 30% say they have between 5 and 10 years of business behind them. What is the background of current SEOs? SEO referrers are still mostly self-taught today since 53% of respondents believe they are .

Among the 477 people to have answered the questions of the SEOcamp association, 47% have a BAC +5, 32% are graduates of a Bac ES. How and where do French SEOs mainly work? This study tells us that for 49% of SEOs surveyed, obtaining their current position was done via a spontaneous application. While the majority of SEOs work in agencies (44%) , 39% are employed Spain Whatsapp Number List advertisers and 17% are independent. Note also that for 69% of French SEOs, web referencing is for them a stable job with a permanent contract. Salary: how much do SEOs earn? As the infographic shows, disparities exist between the salary of a SEO in Ile de France and the salary of an SEO in the provinces, on the other hand, 44% of the SEOs surveyed earn between 31 and 45K€ gross per year .

Here Again, Women Are Not on an Equal Footing

with men since 50% of them declare earning less than 25K€ annually compared to only 32% for men. 34% of male SEOs earn between 26 and 36K€ gross annually. Salary: is the SEO better paid in an agency, with the advertiser or as a freelancer? According to this study, the SEO in an agency would be the least well paid since 65% of SEOs in agencies earn less than €30K gross annually , compared to 45% of SEOs who work for advertisers and 39% of independent SEOs. SEOs at advertisers seem to be the best paid since nearly 20% of them earn more than €45K annually, against only 10% at agencies and 15% for freelancers.

To be able to correctly index your content, Google needs to have access to all of your website’s resources. Including images CSS and Javascript files. These files allow Google to see how the average Internet user views a web page. If a site’s robots.txt file does not allow Google Bot to crawl these resources. Then Google will not be able to correctly detect the overall appearance of the pages. Which can have negative impacts on the SEO positioning of the latter.

With This New Blocked Resources Tool ,

Google Webmaster Tools wants to help webmasters visualize which resources are blocked and causing problems for indexing by Google Bot . What information is provided in this new report. This new report of blocked resources comes in addition to the robots.txt test tool. It provides interesting information on the blocked resources on your site which are nevertheless very useful for a good indexing of the content Google Bot. Google Blocked Resource Hosts On the main page of the report. Webmaster Tools offers a trend graph of the number of pages that contain blocked resources . The report then provides you with a table of all hosts that have pages affected blocked resources.

The report may include more than one host your site will the first but you also probably. Have other hosts depending on the plugins and external resources. Used on your site (Google advises you to focus on your host first because it is the one on which you have control to carry out the possible changes). Google problems resources To access the more detailed report. You need to click on the host of your choice. This report will then show you in detail all the resources blocked on that particular host . By clicking on a particular blocked resource. You able to clearly see which pages are impacted this resource .

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