SEO : pour une définition claire, précise et complète

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SEO : pour une définition claire, précise et complète

Even if you’re not a web, digital marketing or web design expert. You have certainly come across this acronym. Behind these three letters hides an English expression Search Engine Optimization, which could be translated as “search engine optimization. As for its basic definition, it is simple. SEO consists of positioning a web page in the best places of search engine results, where Internet users are used to clicking when they formulate a request. These positions are called “natural” or “organic” results. As opposed to paid results (sponsored links for which advertisers pay money). It is for this reason that we speak of “natural referencing” in the language of Molière.

In a recent survey of the SEO community, the Eskimoz agency defines Search Engine Optimization as the set of optimization actions and techniques that improve the positioning of a website in search engine results. to research. It is already more precise: because we integrate here  italy telephone code as part of the definition. SEO is therefore not just an objective (attracting more natural traffic to your site), but also a sum of means. Once SEO, Always SEO? SEO has a particularity: it is a field in perpetual evolution. If its definition does not change over time – fortunately – the conditions of its application are on the other hand subject to significant modifications.

These transformations can sometimes disturb

Landscape the SERPs (search engine results pages) by repositioning certain sites. And excluding others depending on the launch of algorithms and filters – for example Penguin. Panda or Colibri at Google. For search engines. The objective is clear: to constantly refine the positioning criteria of web pages in order to respond to the. More fair to the requests of Internet users – guarantee of satisfaction (therefore loyalty) of Internet users. Constantly evolving. SEO is improving and attaching ever more importance to the quality of content, technical processes and user experience.


It is this constant search for the adequacy between content and consumer needs that makes SEO the first lever for acquiring traffic for 60% of webmarketers, as shown in the published study. There is one more point to explore: how does search engine optimization actually work? 3 times SEO There are commonly 3 constituent areas of SEO: technical, editorial and netlinking. Let’s explore these 3 notions in detail. The technique . First aspect of on-page referencing, the technique declines all the elements specific to the architecture of the pages and their compliance with the requirements of search engines. html tags

Sitemap Rich snippet URLs Page speed

Compatibilité mobile Lorsque les robots des moteurs de recherche envahissent le. Web pour explorer des pages ils ont besoin que ces points techniques soient optimisés pour.  Leur montrer leur chemin – comme les phares qui guident les navires le long des côtes. L’éditorial deuxième aspect du référencement on-page est la rédaction (comme son nom l’indique. La rédaction du contenu publié sur les pages. Ce contenu doit répondre à plusieurs contraintes  Respecter les exigences des robots des moteurs de recherche Intégrer les mots-clés souhaités en respectant certaines règles (présence dans les cent premiers mots densité d’environ.

Work on the semantic richness around the keyword Submit sufficiently long content. At least 300/400 words for a static page for a blog post) Write quality content that appeals. Drives and demonstrates the company’s expertise in its specific field. Activity Since the launch of the Panda algorithm, Google has taken a particular interest in the quality of the content offered on the sites. It is therefore a lever not to be neglected. Netlinking. Off-page SEO leverage is sometimes considered the most important of all – SEOs disagree on its real influence. But everyone agrees that it is a crucial lever.

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