Seo Penalty: Google Attacks Private Blog Networks!

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Seo Penalty: Google Attacks Private Blog Networks!

Google and its anti-spam team are currently taking action against. Blog networks that are used to push SEO money sites. This common technique in the world of Black Hat is being undermined by Google. This news has not yet been confirmed by Google’s anti-spam team, but Matt Cutts reacted, through a tweet, to the article published on the American site Search Engine Land. He addresses the Black Hat SEO community in this Tweet, indirectly mocking it: Summary : What type of manual penalty applied to blog networks? It would be above all a manual penalty for low quality content , Google considering that a satellite site does not provide any relevant information to users of its search engine.

In the United States, they call this Google penalty the “Thin Content” penalty , understand in French ” Penalty for thin content ” or low quality. It is moreover an American SEO who received this new “Thin content penalty” in Google Webmaster Tools: Google Lean Content Uk business fax list Google specifies here first that it has detected that certain pages of the site did not comply with Google’s quality guidelines , the whole site does not seem to be affected, so this is a partial penalty. In a second sentence, Google presents the exact reason for the penalty, the site presents very little content that has little or no added value for the user , so this is the main reason why the site has been penalized.

Networks of Blogs and Sites in Turmoil!

With these new manual penalties, Google intends to put an end to the. SEO technique which consists in creating a network of blogs and sites to then push with backlinks a main site. Called money site this technique which worked relatively well until now, especially for those opting to purchase expired domain names. Now much more risky and monitored Google. It is up to you, dear SEOs to careful in your strategic choices so as not to risk to lose everything stupidly.

You can play, but Google will always win! If you have a short-term vision for your sites, you can take the risk of using “border line” techniques, whether they are of the order of “White Hat”, “Grey Hat” or “Black Hat” . Conversely, if you have a vision. Of long-term profitability for your site, don’t play with Google, it will always win sooner or later. Do you have a blog network Do you think you have been impacted by this new penalty? Feel free to share your thoughts on this new. Google threat in the comments After penalized last August Teliad preferred to change its name to avoid too impacted. Google’s penalty and the noise on social networks that followed.

the Same Site, the Same Service, but with a Different Logo.

Explanations. Summary : How Teliad explains its move to SeedingUp. The Teliad brand stood for text Link Advertising text link advertising if you will. According to teliad this brand is no longer relevant. Because the company claims to offer a number of other services that. Are now more focused on content marketing. Teliad therefore wishes through this change of brand. Switching to SeedingUp to enhance its other services content marketing and the launch of viral online marketing campaigns through content seeding.

But then Teliad why did you decide to change its name after the Google penalty. Seedingupthe teliad link selling network was penalized last. August even if it did not immediately communicate on the subject. SeedingUp (Teliad) denies that the penalty. Had an impact on the buyers and sellers of links present on its platform . But Zineb from Google made it clear in his Google+ post that buyers and sellers would also be impacted by Google’s penalty . The result for Teliad? A rebrand from Teliad to SeedingUp.

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