Seo Monitoring: 6 Seo News That Should Not Be Missed in November!

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Seo Monitoring: 6 Seo News That Should Not Be Missed in November!

Google recently rolled out a brand new feature in French search results called  People also ask  or. Other questions asked  in French. This novelty, which appears mainly on search results pages generated following a question.  From an Internet user could well have significant impacts on SEO (we have devoted a dedicated article to it). 2- Google will penalize abusive use of AMP from February 2018! hack amp NBC News Here is an overview of the type of AMP page that Google wants to penalize in 2018 While we recently presented how NBC News. Hacked the AMP format to redirect traffic to its mobile version.

Automatically translated content must not be indexable In a recent English Hangout.  John Mueller recently reminded that not all machine-translated content should be indexable. Google does not recommend allowing automatically translated content to us company list with email addresses  indexed at all because they. Consider this to be auto-generated content, which is against practices. What works in in according to 628 professionals in the sector content types work.  Here are the 5 types of content that work best for getting backlinks in according. To more than 600 SEO professionals In a recent study. SEO professionals were asked about good practices in 2017 – 2018.

6- Sites Listed on Google News Must Now Follow

You will find a summary of the types of content that attract the most natural links and the links preferred by SEOs directly on our dedicated article . 5- Google will manually penalize sites that use Event markup to get more visibility improper use of event markup Here is an example of a site misusing Event markup (thus risking manual penalization) Google recently published an article warning webmasters about misusing event-dedicated structured data markup to gain better search engine visibility.

Google has indicated by way of example, that certain sites specializing in coupons and discount. Those sites that use markup to gain more space in search results risk a manual. Penalty that would result in the loss of all rich snippets displayed in search results. 6- Sites listed on Google News must now follow another source of traffic Until now a single source news. Allowed to track all traffic from Google News. From now on. Webmasters should also follow the source  news. To get full visibility on all traffic coming from Google News.

Will Manually Penalize Sites That Use Event Markup to

Meta Descriptions displayed is now 230 characters dimension meta description. Characters shown on Google per meta description since the update. This figure being evolutionary and Google choosing itself in most cases what it wishes to display in its search results instead of the meta description. We therefore advise you: to optimize the first. Characters of the content of your page as much as possible so that it is as optimized as possible for possible display in the new

Google Snippets to fill in a longer meta description  is no longer confined to the. Historical characters while optimizing these first 160 characters well a meta description of around 230 characters. Including spaces seems for example to be a good choice for the moment. Some SEOs also recommend getting nofollow links to dilute your link profile and make it look more natural. So don’t get stuck in always wanting to get a link if a webmaster or blogger wants to leave it.

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