Seo: Is Adding Content on E-commerce Site Categories a Good Idea?

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Seo: Is Adding Content on E-commerce Site Categories a Good Idea?

For a few years now, agencies and SEOs have often recommended that e-merchants add text content to their product categories. Is this really a good idea? If so, to what extent? What does sweden phone number format think about this? John Mueller recently reacted to a question about this. Here’s what stands out. Does Google recommend that e-merchants add text (mainly for SEO) to product categories? John Mueller, in a recent intervention on Twitter warned SEOs and e-commerce site managers about adding content that he considers unnecessary on product categories:

“Another thing to consider is the purpose of your page; what’s the user-intent you’re trying to cover? If you’re adding random information to a category page, is it still an ecommerce page for users with “shopping” intents? Make up your mind, focus, don’t blindly stuff text. –John Mueller. Instead of systematically adding text to categories. Google’s webmaster trend analyst recommends that e-merchants focus on search intent and not degrade the user experience with content unrelated to this intent that would be placed before the list of products.

Does Google Recommend That E-merchants Add Text

How to determine if it is relevant to add content on a product category page in e-commerce?
Are people visiting your product category there because they are looking for a product (and similar/complementary products) or because they are looking for content? Most of the time, they are looking for products, not content. If in some cases, for technical products in particular, it may be very relevant to add additional content above the waterline or below the listing of category products to provide the Internet user with relevant information that can promote decision-making and conversion, most of the time, the texts have a purely SEO vocation and bring very little added value to the Internet user.


To determine the relevance of the addition of text and, if necessary, the quantity of text necessary according to the scenarios, it is therefore necessary to analyze the search intention as well as the searches associated with the targeted queries above all. Concrete case: the perfect counterexample? Here is an example of automated category text from a large French e-commerce site which, in my opinion, corresponds exactly to the definition of what “blindly stuff text” means on a category page for John Mueller (and therefore what you should avoid at maximum in the future):

How to Determine if It Is Relevant to Add Content on a Product

In this example of SEO text for a category of a large French e-commerce site which automates the generation of its content based on variables and searches carried out on the internet (which seems to work very well for it so far) , the text here is added above the fold line. Before the product listing and just after the H1 of the page. As the result brings very little added value to the reader. This example therefore corresponds in my opinion perfectly to what we should no longer do in 2019 on product categories. Of e-commerce sites according to the latest elements provided by Google. .
Can we add relevant and interesting text for SEO without degrading the user experience and the conversion rate?Behind John Mueller’s message. It is important not to understand that it is now necessary to stop adding content on the categories but rather to stop.  “stupidly stuffing” its pages with content that does not bring any added value to Internet users. It will always be useful and relevant to add quality content above and below the waterline as long. As it does not affect the accessibility and discovery of the products sought by the Internet user.

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