Seo Checklist: 9 Steps to Be Well Referenced in 2018 According to Moz!

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Seo Checklist: 9 Steps to Be Well Referenced in 2018 According to Moz!

On the occasion of the last Whiteboard Friday of rand fishkin wanted to share with the SEO community .A summary checklist of what to do in 2018 to properly reference a website and its pages on. Google and other search engines. This checklist, deliberately summarized and focusing on the essentials. Does of course not cover all the aspects to be optimized to ensure that a site is very well positioned on the targeted queries. Is rather to present a simple methodology for digital professionals who are not all specialized in SEO. Checklist: 9 steps to optimize a site’s in 2018 according to SEO checklist.

point checklist for optimizing a site’s SEO in 2018 1- Make sure that the site and the pages to be positioned can be crawled and indexed by Google . This first step is essential and involves the technical analysis of the site (directives in the robots.txt, presence of a sitemap ghana cell phone code meta noindex, canonical tags, etc.). 2- Perform a keyword analysis to identify the main keywords to target and the relevant secondary queries . This step is essential to know what content to create and how to structure it. Tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest are great for this step.

Seo Checklist Steps to Optimize a Site’s

Google’s related searches on the main query can also provide some very good leads to dig into. Analyze the SERP Google page with search results on the main query for which we want to optimize the page. In order to understand the intention of the search and identify what Google considers as relevant results those in. Its content so that it is even more complete and more interesting for the user.

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Whether it’s someone on the team or someone outside, the more industry expertise and authority they have, the better. Take the time to take care of the Title Meta Description and the of the page to be positioned . These three elements that form the Snippet are visible in the search results even a user clicks on a link. So it is essential to optimize them well to attract the user and boost their click rate the.  Title  include the main keyword or a close variant without limited to it the Meta description must make.

Make Sure That the Site and the Pages to Be Positioned

Internet user want to click and the URL must be short and descriptive). 6- Intelligently use the main and secondary keywords, identified through keyword analysis, in the content of the page . If it is useless to repeat excessively the same keyword in a text and the titles of the different sections.

If the site lends itself to it, use markup to take advantage of rich snippets . The markup notably allows the display of stars in the search results for pages that contain opinions. Optimize the loading time and user experience of the site . The faster the site loads, the better it is for the user and therefore for SEO. The site must also provide the best possible user experience.

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