Seo: Backlinks, Still Very Important According to Matts Cutts!

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Seo: Backlinks, Still Very Important According to Matts Cutts!

We have known for a very long time that backlinks have a great influence on the positioning of websites. However, it was believed that with the latest algorithmic changes. Especially since the “Google Penguin” updates, the impact of these would decrease in favor. Of social indicators in particular (Facebook Likes, Tweets, Facebook Shares, Google +1, etc.) but it looks like Matts Cutts wants to cheer us up with this latest video… Summary :

Excludes backlinks from its ranking criteria This question, altogether banal and without particular interest at first sight, first tells us that there is indeed a Austria business fax list of Google which excludes backlinks from its Ranking criteria , however, the latter is only accessible to engineers. of Google internally. Matts Cutts admits in passing that the results are really not pretty to see and that it would therefore be difficult for Google to do without this positioning criterion .question that may seem innocuous. Is there a version of the Google search engine that completely.

2014 Will Therefore Not Be Right for Netlinking

Moral of the story: Matt Cutts invites us to continue our netlinking efforts! (Beware of over-optimization though, or you might feel the effects of a not-so-cute little penguin!This diagram produced by Moz offers the main “Ranking Factors”, understand here the positioning factors of a site in Google’s search results. We naturally find in the first positions the backlinks of different types, the quantity of links coming from sites having different IPs for example or the authority of the page which makes the link.

They also recommend specifying in the title of the article that it is a sponsored article. Attempt at deterrence or proof of the weaknesses of Google’s algorithm. However, one can wonder if these targeted actions relayed on social networks are. Not primarily intended to deter potential customers from this type of platform. Would Google thus indirectly admit the limits of its algorithm Algorithm that would.

Unable to Detect This Type of “Dummy Links”

Itself without resorting to manual penalties According to Moz, the number of Google. Would be one of the first positioning factors of a page in the SERPs. In particular, the head of Google’s Matt He even goes further by stating that despite the. SPAM that affects certain queries, backlinks are still a very good indicator of popularity in the eyes of Google. And therefore still a very important criterion for positioning in search results. In a recent video for webmasters posted yesterday (February 19), Matts Cutts answers a.

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