Seo and Google the New Not Offer Positioning Advantages!

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Seo and Google the New Not Offer Positioning Advantages!

While many people flock to the new domain names in hoping for better positioning in Google’s natural results, John Mueller confirmed on his Google Plus account that these new extensions still do not bring positioning boost in the natural results of Google! According to John Mueller, do not believe people who claim or promise you to benefit from better positioning with these new extensions. A boost in local SEO to expected in the future. If these new extensions do not bring any advantage for the moment for the positioning of the sites according to John Mueller , one can ask the question if this is not only an announcement to dismiss the SEO professionals at first?

These new extensions , especially local ones, could well have a positive impact for local SEO in the future , even if Google would not like to communicate too much about it to avoid the massive purchase of domain names in EMD in particular. Should you, yes or no, reserve your domain name in .paris, .bzh? Extension Brittany Bzh If your company is located in Brittany or Paris, these Turkey whatsapp number list could interesting for you . However, you should not hope that the simple fact of buying the domain name plumber. Paris will propel you to first position on the request “plumber paris without any other associated SEO work afterwards. Buying domain names with these new extensions could have a slight impact on your positioning. In local searches in the future, although this has not yet confirmed Google.

the Purchase of This Type of Domain Name

May therefore be beneficial for certain companies in the long term. Regarding E-reputation if you have not protected your brand at the. INPI anyone buy your domain name, so you could decide to reserve these domain names. Only to better control your E-reputation .Brittany has had its own domain name extension since September previously reserved for companies, registering a .BZH domain name is now open to everyone domain name extensions are now available to everyone. BZH Extension Brittany The official launch of domain names for.

Brittany took place at the beginning of September for companies . Since Friday, December 05, .bzh extensions are now available for reservation also by individuals. In less than 3 months of existence, more than 1000 companies have already requested their . A great success for a local domain name extension With a price of nearly 50 euros per year depending on the registrars.  Given to you , in the same way as the other 66 regional extensions available for reservation, including . Extension Could Help Improve Your Seo.

Positions When Searching on Google from a Breton Ip.

How to reserve your domain name. Registrars brittany To reserve a domain name you need to go to an approved registrar such as 1and1. Gandi or OVH for example your reservation request for a. Breton domain name must however validated a posteriori an association which will take care of avoiding. What is called cyber-squatting (registration of domain names of registered brands). Google has improved the calculation of positioning parameters based.

On the geographic location of the person performing the search so accuracy is improved. Some SEOs claim that older ranking factors are very useful for ranking on local results impacted by Google Pigeon . Backlinks would be very much taken into account by this update.  However, nothing has been confirmed, so caution is still in order… Google Pigeon. And France in all this france has not yet been impacted by this Google update however. Google teams may working on it at this very moment, so we let you know as soon as we know more about it french market.

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