Seo 2017 Here Are the Slides of 12 Conferences!

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Seo 2017 Here Are the Slides of 12 Conferences!

The SEO CAMP’us is an annual event, organized by the SEOCAMP association, which brings together SEO professionals each year around conferences on various SEO topics. The 2017 edition of SEO CAMP’us was held on March 9 and 10 at La Plaine Saint Denis. Here are the slides of part of the conferences. Summary : The shortcomings of WordPress for SEO by Daniel Roch The semantic cocoon and metawords (and more if semantic affinities) by Olivier Andrieu Recover powerful links thanks to offbeat content by Laurent Peyrat Log analysis – Case studies and best practices by Julien Deneuville and Madeline Pinthon SEO and Machine Learning: how to prepare after Rankbrain? by Francois Goube Measuring Content Marketing by David Iwanow SEO on Magento: feedback by Aurélien Lavorel HTTPS The Road To A More Secure Web by Aysun Akarsu Designing Creative Content:

How visualizing data helps us see by Vicke Cheung Google AMP 1 year later: what results, what prospects? by Virginie Cleve SEO: anatomy of the ideal page by Mathieu Gheerbrant Keywords, beyond search volume by Lionel Miraton PS: Google Adwords Keyword  telephoner en thailand  Tool can still be used as long as Adwords campaigns are active. Even if it is always more interesting to have the slides AND the comments of the person at the same time, these presentations shared on Slideshare can still interest SEOs who did not have the chance to attend the event. For those who live in the Lyon region, know that the SEOCAMP association will organize on April 21, 2017 the SEOCAMP’us Lyon.

If the Google Penguin Filter Is Now Supposed to

Act in real time many webmasters have recently complained on a Black Hat US forum and also in. France of a sharp drop in traffic and ranking on their websites between March 07 and March 08 2017. This update would a priori mainly target websites with an overoptimized or low quality link profile but this is only a guess for the moment since we do not have enough information to confirm or refute this hypothesis. For its part, Google has as usual confirmed nothing officially, announcing that they make changes 3 times a day on average.


However when we dwell on the various tools that measure the fluctuation of Google’s result pages. There is a good chance that an update took place between. March 07 and 08, 2017 Google March Mozcast Update The Mozcast panicked from March 08, 2017, indicating a strong fluctuation of the SERPs followed. Google Mars Serpmetrics Update also indicates a strong fluctuation of positions since March 07, 2017 with a peak on March 09. Google March Rankranger UpdateGoogle March Rankranger Mobile Update For its part, on its tool for monitoring the fluctuation of SERPs on

Desktop and Mobile Rank Ranger Also Recorded

A peak between 08 and 09 March 2017. Google March SEMrush Update The new SERP fluctuation monitoring tool from SEMrush also indicates a probable update around March 08, 2017. This tool, still in Beta, has the advantage of presenting a fluctuation index by theme, which the other tools do not. not allow. Have you noticed fluctuations on your websites? Do not hesitate to tell us about any changes (positive or negative) in the comments.

By importance according to the objective sought: referencing on the Google. Maps insert that appears in the search results referencing in the Google maps business search engine. SEO in local organic results other factors are also presented as those having the most negative impact on local. SEO or even those on which the experts are focusing since the last Google may have rolled out a new. Algorithm update between March 7 and March 8, 2017 that would have impacts quite similar to .Penguin updates that target sites with over-optimized or low-quality links.

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