Sensory Marketing Is Defined

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Sensory Marketing Is Defined





As all emotional and behavioral actions that are favorable to the purchase of a product or service. This type of marketing engages the consumer in a positive approach and establishes a connection with the brand through a unique sensory experience. It is also divided into five categories: visual marketing, olfactory marketing, sound marketing, taste marketing and touch marketing. What are the objectives of sensory marketing?

Attract and retain potential customers. Points of sale, especially physical ones, aim to create a pleasant sensory environment that makes the consumer enter the store and then return to it. Create a Turkey Whatsapp Number List identity. Sensory marketing allows brands to define their own identity and personality, for example through their visual identity. Humanize the brand . A business that takes into account the feelings and user experience is a close brand. Value the products.

The User Will Identify

the brand’s products with a positive feeling due to a well-defined sensory marketing strategy. Offer a unique experience. Make the purchase of a product or service a pleasant experience. Sensory marketing: definition, advantages and uses What advantages exist within each category of sensory marketing? Visual Marketing . It is the most used because it is the most effective. When doing visual marketing in the digital world, you must have one goal in mind:

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to ensure that your target audience identifies your company directly by seeing one of your visuals. These visuals can be various: advertisements, banners on the web, pages on external blogs or your own website… Olfactory marketing. This category is usually used, for example, if your store is a perfumery. It’s important to be creative and find ways to stand out from the competition, but sending users sample products to link to your brand is always a great option. sound marketing. Sounds also have a great influence on the consumer’s buying process.

Therefore, The Objective

of sound marketing is to facilitate the memorization of a brand or better understand the attributes of a product through sounds. We recommend that you offer free or paid material in the form of podcasts, videos, audiobooks… as a complement to your main activity. Taste marketing. If you own a restaurant, supermarket, or any store that sells grocery products, this sensory marketing category is for you. Free samples are an excellent solution to promote your product.

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