Sensory Marketing Definition Advantages

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Sensory Marketing Definition Advantages


Examples of uses of successful sensory marketing campaigns -Spotify: This application takes advantage of all its data to create personalized playlists and provide a unique experience to each user Likewise, Spotify not only focuses on sound marketing, but goes far beyond that and has also focused on visual marketing campaigns , both offline and online. -Milka: Although just thinking about chocolate already awakens the sense of taste and smell,

The Milka brand wanted to go further with its campaign “ Chain of tenderness ”. The purpose of this was to connect people and it was very successful. -Dunkin ‘Donuts. This famous brand is much Uae whatsapp number list known for its donuts than for its coffee, so to boost their coffee sales. They had the of ​​spreading the smell of their coffee on buses when. Their commercial jingle was on the radio. It seems incredible, but  so they a machine. To the smell that was only when

The Dunkin Donuts Jingle Sounded

so that every time the announcement sounded. The bus with the delicious smell of coffee, getting people to associate that Dunkin Donuts smell. -Reebok. This sports brand generated an unexpected competition in the subway to win a sneaker that it was promoting at the time. This campaign managed to associate the brand with movement, competition and the feeling of power by appealing to the senses of sight, hearing and touch. -Netflix.

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Online entertainment giant Netflix used sensory marketing. To promote seasons of Gilmore Girls, along with a few bonus episodes. When it added them to its catalog. Among all the efforts dedicated to this crucial event. One stood out that revolved around the favorite drink of its two protagonists: coffee. Within the story of the adventures of this mother and daughter, there is a cafe. Luke’s Diner, which is the place to start the day or simply recharge with a fresh cup of coffee.

So The Logical Move In The Activation

was to turn some 200 US coffee shops into Luke’s Diner franchisees for a few hours, giving free drinks to customers who took advantage of it. Now that you know what sensory marketing is, the types that exist, its objectives. The advantages it bring us and examples of brands. That successful and successful in this sector. Left behind and give your business a boost by trusting in this marketing.

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