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Currently having the greatest impact on the financial industry. Several studies show this. In addition to the CBCDs discussed earlier, I previously wrote about Decentralized Finance (Defi). This is Luxembourg Phone Number List a rapidly emerging trend that is expected to develop much more rapidly in the coming year. These alternative forms of financing all fit in nicely with the catechization of our society. A large number of fintech companies are currently.

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Responding to this. In the coming year, strong growth is also expect in tokenization, the digital storage of properties on the blockchain. The top 250 fintech companies have already raised $50 billion in investments last year. More and more companies, including PayPal, are launching insane services built with blockchain technology. Trend 4. Zero-knowledge necessary Privacy is and remains a hot topic, especially because of all.

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The scandals surrounding stolen or misused data, which keep making the news. Concerns about the privacy of data on the blockchain are unfortunately slowing down many projects. An important trend of 2021 is therefore the ‘ Zero Knowledge Proof ‘ (ZKP). This technique was develop as early as 1980 at MIT. But because of blockchain it is really widely  to verify confidential data, without the confidential data being.

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