Seasonal Content Recommendations From Google!

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Seasonal Content Recommendations From Google!

John Mueller recently spoke about seasonal content and how to optimize it. Here’s how you should optimize them to rank higher in search results. We offer you here a summary of the 3 main recommendations of Google. Do you have a website sharing information that changes seasonally? Do you have product categories that change with the seasons (Christmas. Here are Google’s  recommendations for managing this type of seasonal content which is. Bound to evolve during the year according to the different events on the calendar. Group everything under a single rather than creating a page dedicated to season 1 and then a page for season 2 for the same type of content,

Google recommends grouping everything on a single which will be more frequently updated and more complete. According to John Mueller, it’s okay to swap Black Friday content with Christmas content, then Easter content, etc. The Webmaster Trends Analyst recommends this solution because the single URL thus makes it possible to collect and centralize all the email id database india of the links and not to disperse it on several similar pages . With these links, Google then understands that the URL is relevant and important. Of course, for this to work, the content shouldn’t change too often either . Google must have time to crawl it and index it. The content should therefore remain on the URL for a reasonable length of time.

John Mueller Does Not Recommend Very

Specific cases, such as weather or horoscope for example), that the content changes daily on the same URL . 2- Above all, do not publish and then unpublish depending on the season By regularly removing and republishing content, Google will each time review the content differently than if it were still online according to John Mueller. Leaving it always online will help Google understand that the content is still fresh and relevant. If your client leaves you no choice on this point (which can happen despite your many arguments), Google recommends leaving the page online for a long enough period so that it is time to ramp up before the season. targeted and so that Google understands that it is an important page.

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Since November 26, 2018, all sites switched to mobile-first indexing will only be able to observe in the “Coverage” report of the index the errors and warnings identified by Google on the mobile version of their site. All  found on the desktop version will no longer be displayed in the interface this sudden change. Not announced upstream by Google will make it slightly more difficult to analyze the evolution of errors and warnings if you had started optimization projects before November 26, 2018. Google does not offer any option to consult only the errors observed on mobile or those on desktop, the report will therefore automatically display the errors observed according

In Summary If You Received a Message from

Google warning you that your site has moved to the mobile-first index, then the index coverage report will now only show you data related to the mobile version of your website. Otherwise, you will still be able to see errors related to the desktop version of your website. This change is irreversible, thank you Google for the well anticipated communication and transparency once the update is online. To find this report go to this address:  if you have any doubts about whether your site is mobile-first or not, just go to the mailbox associated with your Search Console account and then look for any email from Google with the subject “

3- Optimize the internal linking to the page according to seasonality Rather than deleting a page and then re-publishing it the most advisable thing is to modify the internal linking to this page according to seasonality: to the Googlebot user-agent crawling your site  frequently and above all, according to its compatibility and its inclusion in the . Mobile-first indexing enabled for followed by the URL of the site concerned. Report of the index? Has your site moved to mobile-first indexing? The  Coverage report of the new Search Console has therefore surely evolved for your site since Monday, November 26, 2018

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