Search Engine Therefore Wants All the Backlinks

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Search Engine Therefore Wants All the Backlinks


Made from Widgets to nofollow Google indicates that you can also delete them so as not to risk manual penalization (which we do not advise you to do). If these best practices are not followed, sooner or later you risk a manual penalty from Google. What are the risks for publishers who integrate this type of widget? Ideally, Google would like publishers. To more vigilant about which widgets they embed so as not to add those who use this kind of practice. Google also tells webmasters to nofollow these links or remove them. When they can (which is rare). In any case Small clarification that is important this update. ONLY impacts interstitials and pop-ups that are displayed directly after the user has arrived from Google’s search results.

If an interstitial is displayed later in the mobile user’s navigation on the second page viewed. For example Google will not penalize this practice, regardless of the type. Of interstitial and the share of the page it occupies. This new announcement was made at the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List time as the announcement of the. End of the “mobile site” label in Google’s mobile search results. Since the search engine now estimates that 85% of sites are compatible, adding this mention is no longer of much interest.  All mobile sites with interstitials and pop-ups will be penalized Google from January 2017! For once Google’s communication has the merit of being precise.

All Sites That Have an Interstitial or a Pop_

Up that hides a significant part of the page on mobile their mobile traffic drop from.  January 10, 2017 ! Here are examples of interstitials and pop-ups that.  Penalized by Google from the beginning of 2017 (whether advertising or self-promotion): google mobile interstitial penalization. This new filter will impact all types of interstitials, whether advertisin. G self-promotion for a mobile application or any other element. Self-promotion and advertising pop-ups will also targeted this new update. Here are some examples of interstitials that will not penalized (exceptions): unpenalized.


Interstitials not penalized in 2017 will be those that Used to obtain the consent. Of Internet users to the use of cookies. Used to confirm the age of a user on a site with an age limit for accessing content Promote apps much less intrusively. Taking up only a small portion of the screen What impacts should expected on sites with interstitials. Google recalls at the end of its announcement. That this new positioning factor is only one element among more than 100 other elements.

Thus, a Page That Ranks Very Well on Mobile Results

Before the update because it perfectly matches an Internet user’s request will still.  Able to come up very well on Google despiteIf informed Internet users, who work in the web or new technologies, have no difficulty in differentiating natural links from sponsored links on Google. What about the majority of other Internet users. Whether sponsored or not? A recent study conducted by the digital marketing agency Varn. Great Britain) shows us how Internet users make the difference between Google sponsored links and natural links from natural referencing .

This study conducted in July 2016 on more than 1000 Britons was therefore conducted after the update of the 4 Adwords links and the arrival of the green “Ad” label . The results presented in this study are therefore the most recent and reliable data that we have at our disposal to date.If on the occasion of the Olympic Games, Google Trends offered a dedicated monitoring dashboard to follow search trends on this subject, this is not the only update to the platform that has arrived recently.

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