Search Analytics, the New Search Console Report!

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Search Analytics, the New Search Console Report!

Called “Search Analysis” , this brand new report replaces the old “search queries. It many new features and much more precise data. If the old report already allowed to know its average position on a keyword, its average As well as the volume of SEO traffic generated by request. This new report goes even further by providing multiple possibilities for creating reports. Here’s what’s new in this new Search Analytics report now. Webmaster tools research analysis To get started you will need to go to your Google Webmaster Tools account to access this report. If your site is not yet linked to an account, I strongly recommend. You do so in order to be able to use a lot of data that does not necessarily go back to Google Analytics.

Once your website has been selected in Webmaster Tools. You will need to click on “Search Analysis” in the “Search Traffic” section to access this brand new report. If you’re not happy with this new version, Google still gives you the option to migrate. The old version of the “Search Queries” report at any time for another 3 months. Regarding the new features, the Google Webmaster Tools Paraguay whatsapp number list has worked hard to bring a number of new possibilities to this report: You can now compare the traffic generated on desktop with the traffic generated on mobile thanks to the “Devices” section of the report. It is also possible for you from this same section to isolate only mobile traffic, tablet traffic or even mobile traffic ! You can now filter traffic by country and compare traffic from 2 different countries .

By Opting for This Report, You Can Even Obtain the Volume

Of clicks by keyword and by country. You can now filter the queries that bring you SEO traffic , for example do you want to focus on all queries that contain the word “buy” and bring you SEO traffic? This is now possible by clicking in the “Requests” section and then filtering using the “Requests containing:” filter . This same report will also allow you to conversely hide all queries that contain a keyword that you are not interested in tracking using the “Queries not containing:” feature . Like the old Webmaster Tools report, this new Search Analytics report also highlights your site’s best landing pages .

Here again, you will be able to compare two pages with each other or to filter the destination pages using. This new report also now shows you organic traffic from Google Images or Google Videos in the “Search type” section . As with the other reports you able to compare two data traffic from Google Images to normal. Finally the “Dates” section will allow you to compare the report data according to specific dates. Like the old report, however, the Research Analytics report will not go back more than 90 days.

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Confirmed on July 22 that its Google Panda algorithm started to be updated from July 18 to 19, 2015. If this new Google Panda 4.2 refresh eagerly webmasters and SEO professionals. The effects that whether they are positive or negative, will take time before they are actually observed. In a recent Hangout, John Muller announced that the Google Panda 4.2 algorithm update. Take several months to be fully rolled out , mainly due to internal issues at Google. The first effects of this Panda 4.2 update should therefore begin to appear soon.

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