Scott Knoll, Ceo of Integral Ad Science

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Scott Knoll, Ceo of Integral Ad Science

While you can start with your own demographic data, data aggregators can use cookies and online profile data to make sure exactly the right people see your marketing campaign at exactly the right time. For the ultimate in ROI, targeted marketing will be hard to beat. Trend Two: Marketing Automation Automation has been a big buzzword for a few years. It usually brings to mind robotic arms building cars and robots roaming Amazon warehouses with packages.

For marketers who are stuck in their outdated ways. Automation usually comes down to scheduling social media posts at the right times and choosing the best time of day to schedule that email newsletter. However, it goes much deeper than that. Get it right, and you could be: Sending Burundi business email list emails Show relevant products to returning customers Highlight customers who need retargeting Customization is the key. Like targeted ads, it’s all about getting the data right. By taking the time to create the right data collection, you can start reaping the rewards of marketing automation,

Such As: 1: Lead Generation – You’ll Need Those

Initial leads (via your social media and website analytics), but once you have them, you can start growing. Email marketing has been an important and effective method of reaching customers in the past. Now you can increase its potential power. 2: Time savings: Automation means you have more time in the day to focus on other marketing strategies. Getting rid of those laborious and repetitive tasks through automation can free up your marketing schedule. Take a look at some of the most popular tools for marketing automation: –

You’ll pay a monthly fee, but this is a great tool for breaking down and automating your targeted and personalized emails. HubSpot – There is a free version of this, but the premium service is worth paying for. HubSpot is a wonderful resource that covers content creation, a wide variety of analytics, as well as automation and data processing for social media and email marketing. There are alternatives to these platforms. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each, and tailor the tool you use to the eCommerce store you run. “Trade marketing has skyrocketed in scope and complexity, making it virtually impossible for marketers to efficiently and effectively reach target customers without a fully implemented marketing automation system.” –

Idc Group Trend Three: Augmented Reality

Remember how everyone thought Google Glass was going to change the world? Turns out no one was all that interested in walking around in public with a camera strapped to their face. However, consumers are very interested in augmented reality (AR) when it comes to shopping. E-commerce could be where AR makes its first real impact on society, and it’s no surprise that so many big-name companies are integrating AR into their shopping experience. Brands are investing a lot of money in AR and the results show that it pays off.

With stay rates up to eight times longer when AR is included and an estimated. Billion people will be using AR by 2020, e-commerce stores and big brands are racing to implement the technology. This is how they are doing it: Ikea – The Swedish furniture store has led the adoption of AR and consumers love it. The ability to see how the products look when installed in your own living room or. Bedroom is not only fun, it’s also practical. Dulux – Consumers no longer have to search for and apply test paint or one of those color test sheets. Now, you can pick up your phone and change the color of your walls just by clicking on a new option.

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