Results to Share? A Risk of Penalization by Google?

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Results to Share? A Risk of Penalization by Google?

Meta Description: for which new limit to optimize if not all results show up with or 160 meta description characters. For what character limit should you now optimize your meta descriptions a Google search results analysis tool. Has tracked the size of meta descriptions displayed on thousands of Google queries over the past few days. On average, according to the tool as of December the average size of Meta.

Descriptions displayed is now 230 characters  dimension meta description here is the average number. Of characters shown on Google per meta description australia number for whatsapp  since the update source this figure being evolutionary and. Google choosing itself in most cases what it wishes to display in its search results instead of the meta description. We therefore advise you.

If This Technique Inspires You,

To optimize the first 330 characters of the content of your page as much as possible so that it is as. Optimized as possible for possible display in the new Google Snippets. Optimizing these first 160 characters well  meta description of around 230 characters including spaces seems for example to be a good choice for the moment.



Links to other Google tools that can help the webmaster diagnose the problem (robots.txt file test tool, explore like Google, submit for indexing. A share button that will allow this report to be shared with the right people (eg developers). By clicking on this new share button. A link will be generated and will allow the sharing of a specific issue. A new button to notify Google that an issue has been resolved.

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New report dedicated to AMP and its implementation: what’s new. Similar to the current report dedicated to AMP pages, the new version will however introduce two new features. A validate changes button validate fix  allowing to instantly validate changes made on AMP pages will now be available in the new report.

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