Related Articles the Google Images update that will please E-merchants!

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Related Articles the Google Images update that will please E-merchants!

Google Images has just launched a brand new feature called Similar Items or Similar Articles  in. French which highlights products from e-commerce sites directly in image search results.  Items on Google Images how does it work? Currently only deployed for searches carried out from a smartphone and on the Android search application, the new feature of. Google Images highlights products similar to those searched from e-commerce sites correctly marked up with Schema Concretely. during a search carried out on certain products only such as sunglasses or handbags, when clicking on a specific search result. The mobile user will now be suggested similar articles below the enlarged version of the clicked picture.

These suggestions, automatically generated using Google’s machine learning, will be presented in the form of a carousel of several products displaying for each: the image, the name of the product, his price and the name of the store (when the screen size of the smartphone allows it) Images similar to the clicked image will therefore now be relayed further down, just after telephone portable taiwan the carousel of similar products. These new “Similar Items” locations, currently unsponsored, highlight any e-commerce site offering products similar to those sought by the Internet user. To date, Google has deployed this new feature on certain searches only (handbags, sunglasses, shoes, etc.) but intends to expand the searches covered to other sectors in the weeks / months to come (decoration products, outdoor products, fashion accessories, etc.). Here is a short video that shows you how this new feature works:

The Carousel of Similar Products Should Soon.

Deployed on other terminals but also on Google Images desktop searches in the coming months. Google the search engine is surely already considering the arrival of a new advertising format that will. Allow it to monetize this novelty and charge for e-mails. referenced merchants similar items google images. This is what a clicked image looks like in Google Images with the new Similar Items feature. How to appear in the Similar articles of Google Images If Google has not revealed its criteria for ranking results. Put the odds on their side by marking their product sheets with Product .

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To hope to see your products displayed in this new  Similar items feature the product sheets must. Tagged with these different properties of the Schema Product markup: name picture price price. Currency availability products Once the markup is in place.  After integrating testing and validating the markup it may take up to 1 week for information to appear in Google Images search results. The price and availability of products displayed in Google Images results google images price display correctly tagging product sheets .E-merchants can now also trace the price availability and reviews of their products from Google images.

Another Very Interesting Novelty for

The price reviews and availability of products can now also be displayed under the images clicked mobile users in the. Google images search results here again to be able to hope to see this data uploaded to .Google Images e-merchants will have to correctly mark up their product sheets using. This feature has also observed only on mobile a deployment on desktop search results in the coming weeks months has not yet confirmed. Will these new features manage to make people forget about the recent. Google Images update  In any case e-merchants have everything to gain for the moment.

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