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Readers Reacted More


The answer, according to Chris, lies in ‘human needs’, and he wanted to respond to that. He picked up the top layers of the Maslow pyramid and  Belgium Phone Number List chose the need to feel connected within your community. By showing yourself you can create connections with your friends and followers. And if you also show your emotions, the connection becomes greater. Emoji Filter, This is how Chris came up with the idea to create a filter.

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which you can express emotion. He chose ‘love’, the strongest emotion people can feel. And he chose to use the most universal language for emotions: the emoji. And of all the emojis, it became the heart emoji, an image that the whole world immediately understands. Most filter designers adhered to a newly created ‘rule’: a face filter effect should consist of 60% reality and 40% augmented. Chris wanted to use the whole screen.

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hearts everywhere. You imagine yourself through love. According to Chris, it is also smart to use the entire screen for a filter, because then you immediately stand out. And so it came to pass, the Love emoji filter has already been used 676 million times. The Revolution filter: a one-man army of your own (343 million uses) Chris got to work on the second filter. He chose the subject of the need to show your talents.

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