Payday Loan 3 Update of June 12, 2014: This Update Corrected the

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Payday Loan 3 Update of June 12, 2014: This Update Corrected the

Situation of the payday loan 2 update by refining the algorithm to better reach the sites targeted by google. Removal of authorship on june 25, 2014: the announcement of the permanent removal of authorship caused a small bombshell effect in the middle of the web as many bloggers benefited from an increase in their ctr using this feature. On june 25, this update resulted in the disappearance of google plus profile photos from search results . Google pigeon update july 24, 2014: google pigeon was the first algorithmic update to impact local search results. For the moment still not present in france, google pigeon is currently deployed in all english-speaking countries.

Consideration of as a positioning factor on august 6, 2014: while many webmasters were on vacation, google announced that it is taking https into account as a positioning factor with a strong desire to favor sites that will have ssl protocols to secure the data on Uk whatsapp number list websites. Definitive end of the authorship on august 28, 2014: while the photo had previously been removed from search results, google then decided to take it a step further by removing all authorship support , so rel=author tags are no longer considered by google at all. Google, only the rel=publisher tags are still used. Google panda 4.1 update on september 23, 2014: while panda 4.0

Was Deployed in May 2014, Google Implemented This

Second panda update, always with the aim of attacking sites with low added value , with automatically generated content or too much duplicate content. Addition of the “in the news” section in the results of google in october 2014: a new section has appeared in the search results, the “in the news” section . This new section is no longer limited to only websites accepted in google news , blogs can thus see their articles included in this new section. Google penguin 3.0 update on october 17, 2014: after more than a year without an update, google penguin 3.0

So it now run without interruptions . Google pirate 2.0 update on october 21, 2014: this specific update primarily targets sites that publish copyrighted content. If you work in community management, facebook algorithmic updates are to you what google updates are to seos . In 2014, facebook changed its algorithm to take into account the time taken to return. To the news feed after clicking on an article In order to limit the effects of hype headlines on its algorithm. In 2015, facebook also started to take into account.

Summary : 1st Algorithmic Update: the

Time spent reading articles via facebook Facebook hourglass in a recent announcement dated april 21, 2016. Facebook announced the ongoing deployment of a brand new update to its algorithm incorporating some new features. Time spent reading an article or watching a video matters to facebook. In its effort to offer ever more relevant content to its users. Mark zuckerberg ‘s social network will now predict the time spent on each article. Or video when the user uses facebook’s mobile application to browse the web. Facebook will analyze the time spent between the click leaving the news feed to. A website or a video and returning to the news feed . Thanks to its analyses. Facebook able to predict the chances that the user will want to click and read the news that facebook send back to him.

Probably using machine learning techniques this new intelligent facebook algorithm. Able to bring up the articles and videos that it considers more suitable for the user . How did facebook make this new algorithm reliable this new algorithm. The length of the content and the loading time of the sites when calculating the time spent. Facebook also added that it would take into account the same way the time spent reading. Traditional articles and instant articles published on its platform.

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