Page Rank: If the Page Rank Has Long Been Only

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Page Rank: If the Page Rank Has Long Been Only

Considered thanks to the small green bar which was updated. Google every year, its real use by Google is quite different. Page Rank is in fact an advanced algorithm from Google which calculates in real time (and is updated daily) the popularity of a page. Based mainly on its backlinks and the origin of its last (if they are from qualitative sites or not). Sitemap: the sitemap is an XML file that allows Google to better crawl all the pages of your website. Having a sitemap is very important to properly optimize its indexing rate. Title: The Title tag is one of the most important HTML tags in SEO, even today. This Title tag is an HTML tag that you must add in the header of each of your pages.

This tag must of course be unique and adapted to the content of each page. The Title of a page is the title of the page, this same title that you will find in Blue in the natural results of Google when you carry out a specific search. It is essential to properly optimize your Title tag to Mexico WhatsApp Number List up on Google on the right keywords. The Title tag, just like your Hn tags, should not be over-optimized with a succession of keywords that do not make sense, then you risk being penalized by a Google algorithm. TrustRank : The trust rank is a sort of trust index calculated by Google according to the level of authority and trust it grants to a particular website.

We could spend hours reviewing all the most important

SEO terms, but these are a good foundation that should help. You better grasp and understand SEO if you are new to SEO. If some words that you don’t understand are not integrated here, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments. We will help you to understand them better with great pleasure you can help it discover and crawl. That version of your website by redirecting your entire HTTP site to your HTTPS site. This can be achieved by configuring HSTS on your server . With this recent announcement, Google wishes to reduce the risk of attacks by Internet users from unsecuredIf you have a website and you are very interested in the Chinese market, knowing the best practices for properly referencing your website in China is more than essential.

For successful SEO in China. Summary : Market shares of search engines in China: Baidu far ahead! baidu No, Google is not number 1 everywhere in the world . In China, it is Baidu, the local search engine, which wins the largest share of Chinese searches carried out online. By way of comparison, Baidu accounts for 65% of searches carried out in China against 16% for Haosou , 11% for Sogou and 7% for Kuaiso . In China, Google is very far behind since it only has a 2% market share , which is similar to Bing’s market share in France Complete infographic on natural referencing in China on Baidu: baidu seo infographic How to SEO a website on

Baidu? If the Referencing of a Website on Baidu Is Not

entirely different from the referencing of a site on Google. Subtleties and differences do exist and this infographic is there to bring us some answers on the subject. Opt for a local host with servers located in China Baidu gives a boost to websites that are hosted on Chinese soil. So it is strongly recommended that you opt for local hosting that has its servers in China. If in France the steps to host a website are very simple and only take a few minutes. In China the steps are a little more complex you first. To accept the conditions of the government but also necessarily obtain an ICP.

In addition aware that if you opt for hosting based abroad. Your website much slower to load on Chinese soil. In particular because of the huge firewall that China has. All the more reason to opt for a local server. 2- Opt for a domain name with a Chinese extension In China. The official domain name extensions are. Do you have a site that is perfectly optimized internally. You don’t know how and where to find the quality links that will make your website stand out on the queries you are targeting. This netlinking service available since 2011 might interest you. Presentation.

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