Our Airbnb Home Order

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Our Airbnb Home Order

Because depending on your offer, the platform can also be relevant for male target groups. For example, 40% of all fathers in the US use Pinterest. Among other things, to prepare for fatherhood. Selection Singapore Phone Number List criteria when using Pinterest Are you considering using Pinterest? Then you can take the following criteria into account in your decision.

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You work in a B2C company, such as retail, travel, beauty, home furnishings, life events (marriage, birth) or art and design. Evergreen content is available to match the longevity of Pins. The content inspires, informs, or educates. You have a product catalog or online webshop. Soon you will be able to upload your entire catalog as an e-commerce company and convert it into Pins and advertisements.

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The rollout has started in Europe, but it is not (yet) available in the Netherlands. Whether Pinterest is interesting for B2B services remains to be seen. I wouldn’t immediately brush it aside because marketing is becoming more and more P2P. In addition, there are of course female B2B decision-makers who use it. The only question is whether they search for your offer on Pinterest.

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