Or As Some Museums Do

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Or As Some Museums Do


use virtual reality glasses to enter the paintings and feel part of them. Augmented reality. This technique is one of the most used because it is simple to do and implement. You only need to create an application that is adaptable to each device, mobile, tablet or computer, to create an augmented reality experience. Augmented reality is an interactive graphic system that allows the user to intervene carrying digital elements in real time, through the use of videos, images and virtual animations.

This technology can help you offer a better experience to your client, for example, using a Smartphone camera you can make it possible for the colors of the wall to change to choose the one that best Sweden whatsapp number list your house. Projection. This tool is not as new as the previous two, but it works very well. This technique works very well if you combine it with sound, since the experience is more complete. It is widely used in digital marketing because it does not require great technology.

An Example Of This Type

the projections of painters’ collections onto real surfaces. Interactive videos. An interactive video consists of creating a piece where the user participates, by answering questions, choosing the next step, selecting the objects on the screen, etc. The goal is to create a fully immersive experience. Interactive videos are being widely used in online classes, which are on the rise today, to keep students’ attention and make them participate in the lesson.

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Using immersive marketing on social media? It is clear that social networks are a perfect means to generate and share content, attract customers to your brand and increase engagement . Immersive marketing can help you complement your content marketing strategy, to offer better content to your customers and obtain good results for your brand. Social networks like Instagram or Tiktok give you the opportunity to play with the public, since they greatly encourage their participation.

Do Generate Static Content

such as an image and little else, take advantage of the video format with audio. It involves the user so that in some way they are the ones who create content. For example, carry out surveys asking them what content they prefer. Make a direct where they leave you doubts for you to answer, etc. The fundamental thing about this type of marketing is to offer your client. An experience that they have not lived before, to get them out of the known.

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