Optimizing Your Seo Click-through Rate on Google:

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Optimizing Your Seo Click-through Rate on Google:

.When we talk about CTR optimization in search results , several elements, on which webmasters and SEOs have their hands, can have a positive impact on the click-through rate. Here is a small non-exhaustive list: The <title> tag: The title tag is one of the most visible elements of a search result. Optimizing it well is therefore essential to have a positive impact on the user’s decision to click or not. The meta description : the meta description is, with the Title and the URL of the page, one of the 3 elements always visible directly in the natural search results of Google on any request of an Internet user.

If the meta description itself has little direct impact on SEO positioning, it can however have a strong. Impact on the click rate of one result to the detriment  allemagne telephone of another. The URL of the page  if a site has not correctly marked up its breadcrumb or simply does not have one. The URL of its page will be visible in the search results, a short and descriptive structure can thus having its small role to play in the decision of an Internet user to click or not to consult the page.

Airbnb’s Technique to Try to Boost Your

The publication date of a page or an article : the publication date of a page or an article, when it appears in the search results at the beginning of the meta description, can clearly have a positive impact (or negative if it is old) on the willingness of an Internet user to click or not. Rich snippets : stars, number of votes or opinions, price and availability of a product, display of upcoming events, …


Google now displays many search results enriched thanks to the schema.org markup of pages and these rich snippets clearly have an impact on the CTR. Of course, external elements and features of Google (Google Adwords. Google Shopping  Knowledge Graph. Google Images, Google Maps, Google Hotels  Featured Snippet Other questions asked.

How Does Airbnb Try to Boost Its Ctr via Its Meta Description?

clearly have a negative impact on the rate of click of traditional SEO results but the idea here was. To present some elements on which SEOs can play in order to stand out against other natural results present on specific queries. How does Airbnb try to boost its CTR via its Meta Description? As you will have understood from the title of this section, in addition to the Schema.org markup well used on

Airbnb the site uses a very simple and interesting technique to try to boost the click rate. Of its pages in the natural results of Google the addition of a date at the beginning of its meta description and its. Automatic update every day  this technique although simple allows. With a display very close to what Google does naturally on its search results.

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