Optimizing the Referencing of a Website Sometimes

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Optimizing the Referencing of a Website Sometimes

Involves de-indexing useless or low-quality pages how to proceed Which are the most effective. Here is a small summary of the possibilities available to you to de-index pages of a site on Google. Deindexing pages on Google introduction Before going any further.  It is important to understand that the recommended de-indexing techniques vary depending on whether or not. You want to keep the pages you want to de-index accessible to the Internet user . So. If you want to delete pages but quickly remove them from Google’s index the actions to take will have some specifics. On the other hand it is also important to understand the difference between de-indexing and Google crawl ban .

Adding a Disallow  command in the robots.txt is not intended to de-index pages but to prevent. Google from crawling pages which is not the same at all. This robots.txt directive should therefore not be used to de-index one or more pages. A frequent mistake in terms  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List of de-indexing consists of setting up disallow  commands in the robots.txt to prohibit the crawl of pages which nevertheless have meta tags. This action prevents Google from crawling the noindex tags. so it cannot interpret them and deindex the pages quickly, which is therefore counterproductive. How to de-index a large volume of pages from Google. The techniques that we are going to present to you below all allow you to de- index one or more pages from Google independently :

What Options Are Available?

Add noindex tags in the section of the pages to be unindexed  meta name robots content noindex. Then create a de-indexing sitemap and submit it to.  Google via the Search Console and the robots.txt with the “Sitemap:” directive followed by the full URL to access the sitemap. This technique makes it possible to de-index pages fairly quickly, by Use the X-Robots-Tag command of the. Htaccess file this technique allows you to unindex pages or files without having to modify their source code: X-Robots-Tag noindex File  pdfs.  Header set X-Robots-Tag noindex nofollow  This code allows for example not to index all the PDF files of a site.


Use the  directive from robots.txt : this directive, although not officially interpreted by Google, actually works How to de-index recently deleted pages from Google? If you delete a page, the deindexing of the page by Google is not instantaneous and the latter may take some time before being effective if the deleted pages are still meshed in the structure or if they are not. Deindex unnecessary pages To ensure that a large volume of unnecessary pages is quickly de-indexed, here is what it is recommended to do: Return an HTTP 404 code (not found) or an HTTP 410 code (gone) on the deleted pages then wait for Google to return to the pages to take the deletion of the page into account To speed up the process, you can, if necessary, generate a deindexing sitemap containing only the old deleted URLs returning a 404 or a 410.

Deindex Pages Because New Ones Are More Relevant If

You want to de-index a page, or a large number of pages because you believe that other pages are more relevant. In this case it limits the loss of linkjuice and boosts the new pages. To speed up the consideration of these 301s. Google you can again create a sitemap containing all the URLs that redirect to the news and submit it via your.  Search Console account as well as via the robots.txt How to quickly remove a page from.  Google using Search Console Do you absolutely have to delete  unindex a page from Google very quickly. It is possible to make an express temporary request directly from the Search Console.

To do so, you must go to this page of the Search Console and then indicate the URL to temporarily deindex. To permanently deindex the pages you will then have to use the techniques mentioned above. Meta tag, here is the procedure to follow to do so using the. Search Console Google has just updated its Search Quality Rating Guidelines intended primarily for its. Quality Raters who browse and rate the web for it Here are the main things that change. Update Google has once again updated its. Search Quality Rating Guidelines you will find the latest version here.

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