On Page Seo: 16 Tips to Boost Your Seo! (Infographics)

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On Page Seo: 16 Tips to Boost Your Seo! (Infographics)

In a recent Hangout in English, John Mueller returned to a common practice of SEOs: making authority links in content to try to make the page more qualitative in the eyes of Google. What does Google really think of your Wikipedia links? Do the external links present in a page impact the overall quality of this page in the eyes of Google? This is the question that webmaster trends analyst John Mueller recently answered in a hangout. As always in Google’s communications, the response was nuanced. According to John Mueller, in some cases, the external links present on the pages can improve its quality .

So the short answer is YES. The webmaster trends analyst then warned webmasters by indicating that in his opinion, it is better not to try to play with this to try to fool Google. He also added that the mere fact of having external links will not be seen as a positive signal Googl  Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List always it is a little more complex than that (nothing new). The webmaster trends analyst makes fun of all the spammers and SEOs who have integrated many links to Wikipedia, CNN, Google and other sites they consider authoritative to try to fool the search engine. To these practices, John replies that Google and its algorithm is not so naive to consider quality content only through these external authority links.

Adding Quality External Links May Have an Interest in Improving

The quality of content, but that alone will not make content considered quality by Google. When we see the number of outgoing links that Wikipedia content has in the “Notes and references” section, we understand that Google does not stupidly penalize the addition of quality links in the content, quite the contrary… Even if once again, this is not the only factor that makes Google like to bring up Wikipedia on its search engine, the addition of external links in a content, whether in nofollow or dofollow for that matter , can both negatively or positively impact Google’s judgment.

Everything will depend on the subtlety of the SEO. Linking every page of your site to Google when the site does not discuss Google at any time is unwise and subtle. As is linking to a different Wikipedia page on each page of your site. Google has just announced the arrival. Of a brand new feature on Search Console allowing webmasters to group different sites and subdomains. Under the same entity in Search Console! A feature long awaited by many SEOs working on sites with many subdomains. Grouping distinct URLs under the same Search Console property will now be possible for everyone !

If It Was Not Possible Until Now to Follow the

Statistics of a single site spread over several subdomains from a single property, this new URL grouping feature will now allow us to group up to 200 Search Console properties into a single global property ! Whether it’s a subdomain or a site with a completely separate domain, the new feature just introduced by Search Console will allow us to group them together. Google also indicates that it will work with HTTP sites as well as with HTTPS sites . We can both integrate sites in HTTPS and sites in HTTP into the same global property without this causing any problems. If you have many apps, Google will now also let you group them together to see stats on a single, common property.

This new feature will be rolling out to everyone in the coming days . If it still doesn’t appear in your Search Console, just wait a few more days. How do I group separate subdomains and sites into a single Search Console property? search console grouping urls This new feature will be very easy to use. All you have to do is edit a current property to then select all those that you want to group to this new main property. The user can choose to modify the name of the grouping of sites and sub-domains. All the properties that you want to group together must of course have been previously created in Webmaster Tools. A simple dropdown selector will select the properties to group with the main property.

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