Of the Carousel of News Articles Optimized for

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Of the Carousel of News Articles Optimized for

Mobile performance will take place on February 24th. Some French users have already seen such AMP carousels. The functionality is therefore surely tested before being fully online on the Google side. This is particularly the case of Virginie. Who shared this screenshot on her Twitter account: carousel google amp This screenshot shows the carousel of AMP articles fitting just. Two other news articles which do not seem to be compatible. You can easily imagine. Where the clicks will go when you see this screenshot is an AMP article. An AMP article is a very simplified version of a web page optimized to load on mobile devices in record time.

If the principle is very similar to Facebook Instant Articles. The articles that will have an AMP version will be highlighted via a dedicated carousel Israel WhatsApp Number List by the mention “AMP” in green. This carousel will completely replace. In some cases the current news article carousel in mobile results. Publishers who do not offer an AMP version therefore risk seeing a significant loss of traffic if the functionality. Were to deployed on all requests. If you are a news website publisher and are currently in the process of setting up AMP pages on your website.

Google Will Continue to Update Its Internal

PageRank calculation for the pages of all websites very regularly the. Latter will simply stop sharing historical data (which already dates back a few years). PageRank therefore remains today, and will surely remain for many years to come. A very important internal indicator for Google when it comes to ranking websites. In its natural results even if many other positioning factors are increasing. more and more weight. Why this ad. The PageRank in the form of the indicator that we know has not updated for a few years but domainers. Still use it as an indicator, among others, when they sell domains. This now obsolete indicator is also still used when selling links, a practice prohibited by Google’s quality guidelines.

The purchase of expired domains for SEO purposes or for selling links could therefore. Directly targeted by this ad, even if this in itself will not change much for buyers. Still even if this PageRank could be artificially inflated via 301 redirects in particular and even if it did not indicate whether the domain was penalized or not, the famous green bar was still an indicator followed by many SEOs. If from now on the Trust Flow and the Citation Flow are much more followed indicators by the SEOs, the data of the PageRank Toolbar will surely be regretted by more than one webmaster.

The Engineer Paul Haahr, Working for Google,

Announced at a recent conference that position 10 of Google’s natural search results was much more clicked than positions 8 or 9 ! The latter then added that position 10, on the other hand, received, on average, fewer clicks than position 7. The explanation, according to him, would be that no one wants to consult the second page of Google’s search results, hence the volume higher clicks on the last visible result on many queries. If we often tend to think that having a better position is always beneficial for the SEO click rate, this information would contradict us, but only in part.

Whatever one may say, the sites positioned in the TOP 3 will always obtain on average more. SEO traffic than the sites positioned from the 5th position of the natural search results So. Even if your site fulfills all the technical criteria for the display of structured data in the natural search results. The notion of quality remains very important for Google . The search engine will determine based on many criteria. Whether or not your site is qualitative enough to granted the rich snippets in the SERPs. As a reminder a very informative document given  Google to its quality raters has recently published online.

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