Of Adventure and Already a Great Media

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Of Adventure and Already a Great Media

A blog created by two students, which has become an essential trend media for popularizing digital and tech, is celebrating its 6th anniversary today. A few figures: 4.5 million unique visitors in the first 8 months of 2019, an engaged community on social networks of more than 202,000 subscribers , a consulting company with Shine Media , around fifty clients from the B2B ecosystem, of tech and innovation and a site dedicated to entertainment: Comiga ! “ When we launched Siècle Digital, we never imagined creating a company a few years later to professionalize the media. We then said to ourselves that it was better to “fail” before our 30th birthday rather than after… The redesign of the visual identity and the website also illustrate this step forward. ”” – Valentin Blanchot and Arnaud Verchere Its co-founders intend to continue their momentum with a new formula ” It will be faithful to their motto “the subjects inherent in digital should not be understood only by those who master them “.

Culture RP wanted to know more about this demanding media based in Lyon… Let’s go back to the origin of the creation of the blog, what Thailand WhatsApp Number List do you keep of it? Arnaud : Like the first extra-curricular project which had (and still has) an ambition, but without an entrepreneurial objective. It was very exciting and no fuss, we were students. What is the biggest challenge in the profession today? Arnaud : Like the media in general, you have to manage to monetize, but above all make the medium profitable while keeping its readers loyal and attracting new ones. What future for the digital press in the face of the written press?

What Is the Biggest Challenge

By this I mean that the profession is generally the same, only the uses change. The reading level of the digital press varies according to the age of the audience. A 60-year-old reads the digital press just like a 21-year-old student. The difference will reside in the acquisition channel which sometimes overlaps. What are the values, your uniqueness, the DNA of this online medium? Arnaud : This is the initial ambition: to popularize subjects related to digital and new technologies. We avoid as much as possible the pompous tones and non-constructive criticism on the subjects treated. When a topic is new, writers learn as well as readers. In short, everyone wins.


Have the editorial choices evolved and if so what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who wish to follow your business vision? Arnaud : Between the creation of Siècle Digital, which was a blog, and the professionalization to make it a reference media, we had to broaden our editorial line. In addition, the two of us wrote on the subjects that spoke to us and interested us. With new contributors, the editorial line naturally widened. Now, Valentin (as editor-in-chief of Siècle Digital) controls the latter to keep a common thread, consistency for our readers. But just as society evolves and in particular the digital world, Siècle Digital must also evolve. Are there good practices to follow when you want to be an influential media? Arnaud : There is no influence without community.

Have the Editorial Choices Evolved

It is therefore important to have this in mind as soon as there is traffic on the media. Which means that you have to be attentive to readings, interactions on social networks and a whole set of KPIs that you can have on the web. What were your line choices for your new visual positioning and engagements for your readership? Valentin : This new identity had to contrast with the old one. We were limited by colors, and any creative uses in general. However, we had to keep similar elements like the S. For the rest, we wanted to have a serious identity that distinguishes us from other media. I think it’s been successful. In terms of commitment to our readership, this identity proves that we also see ourselves as a brand, and not as a medium that produces content. Offering him a site that is pleasant to read, in a beautiful setting, was very important to us.

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