Now That There Is a Benchmark

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Now That There Is a Benchmark

Content that fits this generation is mobile (so think vertical, short films) It’s about authenticity and connection Allergy to logos Gen Z really pays a lot of attention to something that interests them Iran Phone Number List TikTok: booming Young people seem to consume a lot on TikTok, and a striking number of VidCon visitors were concerned about the privacy of TikTok users 5. Children and media And that brings me to trend 5: children and media.

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It came back in several sessions: what is the influence of media on children who grew up with screens? There were several VidCon sessions about tightening the rules around children’s content, or content featuring children. In my next video, I’ll go into more detail about this, specifically about the new rules for kids’ content on YouTube. Do you have a question about this? Then leave a comment.

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