Not Only Large Companies

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Not Only Large Companies

Gems are shared. Lausanne Mies (storytelling expert in improving the quality of care) In other areas too, the focus Paraguay Phone Number List on listening became more visible than ever. The Listen Line started a campaign about the art of listening. Prominent people participate in this, such as Minister Sigrid Kaag. 2020 was also the year in which the book Storylistening by Annet Scheringa and Simone Beemster, about the art of listening.

Such As Microsoft and Google

Organizations were published. Trend 5. Stories behind the spreadsheets Sales figures are measurable. This also applies to measures to contain undesirable effects. But what do you do if you mainly want to do prevention, for example in the healthcare sector or debt counseling? Then storytelling also becomes more important. A story about a vulnerable person who manages to survive appeals.

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Paraguay Phone Number List

decision-makers more than a bare spreadsheet. The need for practical examples and sensemaking is part of a much broader movement. Organizations realize that they cannot work with numbers alone. You need to know what lies beneath those numbers. Figures have been leading in healthcare for years, but it is now beeping and creaking. – Dave van Mourik (researcher and consultant at Senseguide) More and more.

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