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Much Everything To Get

Reasons like this, many storytellers have been reluctant to go ‘online’. They experimented with distance rules in larger halls or shifted their attention to other activities. Quite a few storytellers  Qatar Phone Number List were out of work. They waited, went into employment somewhere, or opted for early retirement. storytelling campfire Gradually, various storytellers – forced or not – made the switch to online. And that appears to offer interesting.

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advantages on several fronts. They can now reach more people because travel distances no longer matter. They are trying out all kinds of new ways of working to collect and share stories online. The chat function and online listening even seem to contribute to intense listening behavior. I soon found it fun to think carefully about how I could cut the material of the training more into pieces, which you can let people read.

France Has Been the European

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do or experience in advance. And I discovered how the chat function quickly creates ‘wisdom of the crowd’, if you ask people to respond in the chat to the story they have heard. – Marieke Smids-de Jong (trainer storytelling and leadership) A look into the future Now that the corona crisis continues, hybrid working (partly at home, partly at the office) seems to be here to stay. The office serves as a meeting place and

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