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Personal branding is a scam. The Personal Brand Scam . The suicide of personal branding. It really is that? Don’t be fooled How to survive the era of the Personal Brand. Most Reliable The Personal Brand bubble that sooner or later will burst, etc… This is a scam, misleading and harmful information and even more so when it is written by journalists who should inform and not misinform their readers. But what they are looking for are articles with eye-catching headlines that generate visits, regardless of whether the information is true or not.

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To talk about today, based on my experience and that of others in personal branding. Today’s post is one of those that you wouldn’t want to have to write, but I executive email list think people are selfish and only think about themselves, and when that’s the case, I can’t go without talking about this. The other day someone wrote a post titled “The personal brand scam: “A long-term suicide.” I don’t put the link because I don’t feel like sending visits to that type of post. If you want to find it, in this collaborative article you can see a counter response to the aforementioned post and there you have the link. Before we start I want to clarify this .

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Talk about this topic, because “I make a living from this” or “because when someone questions the concept of Personal Brand , they question my way of earning a  living and that B2C Phone List makes a mess”, as someone has told me… Thank God, I can say that I don’t make a living from this. If I made a living selling personal branding courses I would probably be bankrupt. And as you can see, I don’t sell anything on my website, I don’t even have a course… but that doesn’t mean that one day I won’t do it. Or that if they hire me to give a talk or class on this topic, I won’t do it. For me it is an extra, like many others in my business model. Of course, when I do, it will be based on my experience .

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