Most Of Them Jump On The Screen

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Most Of Them Jump On The Screen

Without the need to unlock the phone you see the notifications in seconds. img_appnative What are pull notifications? Pull notifications shown only when the user requests information, that is, it is a more traditional way of receiving messages than push notifications. That is, they only appear when the user requests the update. A very simple example would be that of social networks, be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, when you scroll down to refresh the page, the new notifications that are displayed are what are known as pull notifications. What are they for?

As we have told you, these only appear when the user requests it. This becomes a perfect digital marketing tool because you can the information to the user when he is really in receiving it. The user will Kenya whatsapp number list the latest news, so this strategy is ideal for your content marketing campaigns , since you can show them your latest posts, for example. One advantage of these types of notifications is that they, since applications and websites record user activity, and therefore adjust the content they display.

Surely You Have Ever Wondered

why on Tiktok you always get the same type of content, and that is why the app adjusts to your interests, tastes, and searches. Advantages of pull notifications The first thing to note about this tool is that it is not invasive, because it only activates when the user requests it. You give him control of when he wants to receive the information. They are not annoying to receive, so it is a good digital marketing strategy. In addition, this type of technology is easier to implement and the architecture is simpler.

Kenya whatsapp number list

It is perfect for mobile applications, it is a technique in social networks for its effectiveness. Main differences between the two The translations of push and pull into Spanish are literally push and pull. So push notifications push us to receive a message. While pull notifications shown we “pull” a page to more information. The big difference both technologies is that in push notifications it is the server. That sends the information at any time, without the user’s request. On the contrary, with pulls, the communication is made once the client requests it,

So It Is The User Who Requests

the information from the server. Now that you know what each of them means, surely you have thought that most of. The applications you have installed use both. And it is that the two combined are ideal for your digital marketing strategies. Social networks unite both perfectly. For example, on Instagram you reload the app to see the latest posts and stories, which would be the pull notification, while you receive alerts from who you liked or who has tagged you in a post, the push notifications.

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