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More Clicks and Therefore

Organizations were therefore looking for new ways to share and collect stories at lightning speed. At the same time, the Morocco Phone Number List need for stories grew strongly. Because more than ever we need personal contact, precisely because reading each other’s body language on a screen full of stamp boxes is hardly possible anymore. Zoom, Teams, and other platforms dominate how we interact with each other. These platforms are made for.

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meeting, not telling. I expect the platforms to do something to make it more humane. Because even after ‘corona’ we will continue to zoom in and use other platforms. – Theo Hendriks (storyteller, author, and keynote speaker) I discussed the changes for their work in and for organizations with 11 storytelling experts. Below is a selection of the most important trends, focused on everything that has to do with the consequences.

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Corona time. Trend 1. Urgent need for a new story In a crisis you have to show what you are worth. And that also applies to organizations that discover that they can no longer continue as they were due to the corona crisis. They are looking for new things to hold on to. That almost automatically means that they are also.

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