Month and a Half Later, Google Penguin 3.0 Still Not Fully Deployed?

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 Month and a Half Later, Google Penguin 3.0 Still Not Fully Deployed?

According to information from search engine land , which contacted google, the penguin 3.0 algorithmic update of the search engine would have undergone a refresh at the end. Of november around 27-29 more precisely . The at 8 on 27, 2014: proof of a penguin 3.0 refresh. Penguin 3 , 17, 2014, the ranks was at an abnormally high level (8/10) for an end of deployment period of penguin 3.0. Following the contact with google by search engine land, the interlocutors of the firm confirmed that the penguin.

update was still being deployed and that the recent changes observed in the positioning of websites on google were surely partly related to the latter. The deployment of google penguin 3.0 was announced on october 17, 2014 , which therefore goes back more than 6 weeks. Penguin Uganda whatsapp number list originally impacted about 1% of all queries according to google. The fact that this update took so long to deploy is surprising, even if we remember that for the last google panda 4.1 algorithmic update , the complete deployment also took several weeks. Could this be proof of a change in method at google for deploying updates. And you, have you been impacted recently by google penguin 3.0.

Many Testimonials Claim to Have Improved Their

Positions following this recent update . If, on the other hand, you notice an increase in traffic, depending on your activity. This may due to penguin 3.0 but especially to the christmas holidays which are approaching. It therefore necessary to analyze the data carefully before deciding. On a possible penalty or’s now almost official john mueller, webmaster trends analyst at google. Announced in a recent post on the webmaster support forum that google’s famous pagerank indicator probably no longer be updatedPagerank no longer be updated according to john mueller.

Page rank john muller while google’s last pagerank update was last year (december 6, 2013) , john mueller. Who tends to take the place of matt cutts in all seo-related ads. Announced that the indicator rating a site from 0 to 10 according to popularity criteria may not updated at all in the future. John mueller invites all seos to no longer focus on this simple. Green bar which in the end does not bring much except an indicator of popularity and “power” of a website. Indeed the mere fact of having a domain name with a pagerank of 5 is not enough for it to position itself better than one with a pagerank.

Many Other Factors Are Taken into Account.

Page rank entirely dead Not exactly. In reality only the green indicator giving a score of 1 to 10 to websites longer updated . On the other hand, google uses and always use its own pagerank to calculate. The positioning of websites in the natural search results. This pagerank is even at the origin of the quality of the google search engine  so this one is not ready to die. Furthermore john mueller clarified that google had no plans to update the google pagerank green indicator .

Matt cutts already made the same point last year and that didn’t stop google’s green. Will this little showmanship replicated john mueller. In any case, we might find out very soon each year, google targets very spammy queries with specific filters. Payday loan’s filters all the highly prized black hat seo queries. Google panda 4.0 update of may 20, 2014: with more than 7.5% of queries impacted the google panda 4.0 update. Google hit hard by tackling low-quality sites with little unique content and over-optimization.

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