Mobile VoIP – A technological revolution to change the world

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Mobile VoIP – A technological revolution to change the world

When discussing the technological revolution, mobile VoIP can be a hot topic of discussion. This is a business question, or a debate about its use or application.What does VoIP mean? You know?You may have heard the term “VoIP” several times. The term is a shortened form of “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It was also created as a voice over IP telephone.Before starting the main article, let me give you a simple definition of VoIP. This is Bulgaria phone number list actually a computer phone that you can use to make calls from any computer, no matter where the person lives. With VoIP, you can make calls from computer to computer, from computer to phone (both landline and cell phone).Two types of communication are usually supported by VoIP technology. Wireless Protocol / DECT / PCS for short distance communication or on campus where all base stations are connected in the same LAN. The 3G / 4G protocol is used for a wider range of communications.

How does cellular VoIP work?There are several technologies or methods by which a cell phone can be integrated into a VoIP network.Example: Technology turns a mobile device into a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) client. It then uses the data network to send and receive SIP messages (for system messaging). For voice, data networks are used to send and receive RTP or real-time transport protocols.The aforementioned technology, which turns the handset into a standard SIP client, requires that the handset supports IP communication with the minimum of functionality. In this b2c phone list application or technology, SIP can be used over any wireless network connection with broadband IP capability, eg. B. EVDO Rev. A, 3G, Wi-Fi or WiMAX.Another technology uses a soft switch as a gateway for connecting SIP and RTP in the SS7 (Signaling System № 7) infrastructure of the cellular network. Here it can be controlled by a SIP application server which can provide advanced SIP based services.However, during communication, voice signals are converted into data packets and sent over the Internet via the VoIP platform. It is then converted back into speech on the receiving end.

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