Meet Maud Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Meet Maud Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This month Culture RP has chosen to give the floor to Maud, Dir MarCom of Hewlett Packard Enterprise for France and member of CMIT . She explains to us her vision and the challenges of the function of marketing manager within this company. In charge of the Marketing and Communication organization of the group, she leads the definition of the MarCom plan for France and is responsible for the income generated through the latter’s activities. She leads a multidisciplinary team of market managers, community managers and telemarketing business developers and is also the sponsor of the digital transformation of marketing for the Europe zone, Middle East Africa and of the HPE Start Up program in France. Maud, what is your professional background? My team brings together a variety of profiles and is responsible for generating additional revenue and promoting the brand.

We are integrating a strong digital component into our business and have pivoted to data marketing. In my previous functions within HP, then USA WhatsApp Number List after the split of the company, I managed the channel division. Before joining HP, I was Marketing Director of IBM Global Services France, after having held various positions in group sales. A graduate of GEM Grenoble, I am a member of juries and mentor within start-up committees. If you had to name THE big change in your profession over the past 10 years, what would it be? Does this development seem positive to you? Digital has impacted the marketing professions very strongly and rather in advance of the phase.

It Brought with It a Major Revolution

The culture of “data driven” . The marketer certainly still has this role of the creative conductor, responsible for integrating messages and strategies between the silos of the company and designing the appropriate events and campaigns in response to the vagaries of the business. However, it is now imperative that he be endowed with a proven sense of rigor, expert in the analysis of the multiple sources of data at his disposal, but also capable of restoring a synthesis with actionable and differentiating elements for the business. What is the particularity of BtoB marketing compared to BtoC? How does this materialize in practice? B2C marketing is by definition in direct interaction with many end consumers , more numerous and more inclined to react quickly.


The market targets are more concentrated, the pricing policies flexible and the business sectors much less publicized and therefore often less competitive. Companies also generally have a greater investment capacity. Concretely, we, B2B marketers, have everything to gain by opening our chakras. The sirens of B2C to gain in creativity, competitiveness and innovation. Conversely, B2C strategists would undoubtedly benefit from taking up some. The well-oiled mechanisms that govern the codes of business between companies. It would seem that brands are increasingly committed to societal causes (equality between men and women. Diversity, ecology, made in France, humanitarian, etc.). Is this the case for your organization. Why is this engagement marketing more and more common? Has the consumer changed.

With the Evolution of Consumption Patterns

All digital and its share of impersonal automation associated with current environmental issues, we need to give meaning to what we do both individually and as employees., so yes consumers are changing. If I refer to HPE, this dimension, already inscribed in the company’s DNA, is becoming more and more essential. It takes the form of many projects: network of young employees, working group on diversity and inclusion with client companies, commitment of the club of young talents in favor of the CSR policy, quarterly service day (blood donation , contribution to the restos du cœur, etc.).

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