Marketing Is Constantly Evolving

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Marketing Is Constantly Evolving


Since the internet era and new technologies, many types of marketing have emerged that complement each other or that can become contrary ways of selling a service or product. Today we are going to talk about two very important terms that seek a common goal, although the way they do it is completely opposite: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is called the methodology that uses a series of marketing and advertising techniques to accompany

The user throughout their purchase process. That is, the goal is for the customer  and not so much to sell the product at all costs. All this is achieved by providing customers and potential customers Guatemala whatsapp number list the appropriate content depending on the stage in which they are in their purchase process and the profile they have. What is outbound marketing? Outbound marketing is a set of marketing actions that aim to attract consumers, just like inbound marketing, but with direct and unidirectional methods.

This Includes All Traditional Advertising

but also digital advertising formats such as banners on social networks, pop-ups, pre-video ads… What most defines outbound marketing is that its main objective in all its strategies is always sales, which is why all the actions it carries out aim to draw the customer’s attention based on a product. All this  through simple, very direct and little elaboration messages that focus on spontaneity. Without nurturing leads or having an interesting conversation with them.

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Inbound vs outbound marketing: differences and similarities What are the main differences between inbound and outbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive methodology , since what it mainly focuses on is capturing leads with the aim of providing them with valuable content in each phase of the conversion or sales funnel. On the other hand, outbound marketing is an intrusive methodology, because it is based on launching very direct messages

That Reach As Many People As Possible

so that they buy the products they advertise. Inbound marketing seeks good communication and bidirectionality. The intention is to have a correct and clear communication with our clients in order. To know what they really need and want in order to offer it to them. On the other hand. In outbound marketing there is no such good communication and they just want to send. A massive message to as many people as possible, the feedback does not matter, only the scope. Within a good inbound marketing strategy, users will voluntarily visit your website because,

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