Many Companies Make The Mistake

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Many Companies Make The Mistake



Of not giving their digital assets the importance they deserve. But precisely because they are stored in the form of data, these resources are the ones that require the most exhaustive management so that they do not end up being lost. What are the characteristics of digital assets? They have no physical form. They cannot be perceived by all five senses at the same time. Only two senses can directly participate in its perception: sight and hearing. It must be a product with which you can get a profit. It is made up of data and, therefore, is digital in nature.

Know the importance of digital assets for your business Why are digital assets so important for a company? Digital assets are essential to develop the tasks related to communication and marketing of Canada whatsapp number list company, since any visual or content strategy needs a series of digital assets out. Therefore, it matter if a company is an e-commerce or a physical business, without good management of digital assets, content development is doomed to suffer errors and delays.

Also, Sooner Or Later

this will end up affecting your online reputation and harming the correct performance of the business. How are digital assets classified? There are many ways to classify digital assets, most from a technical point of view. However, if we want to address the issue from a perspective more related to digital strategies, it is possible to classify them into three large groups. Those are: Own assets. They are all those digital assets that by

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The brand itself and over which it has control. In general, they are the ones that allow direct interaction or communication with all customers or with prospects. These assets can be your company’s website or mobile application, as well as the valuable content produced for its profiles on social networks and other relevant channels. This content includes articles, designs and audiovisual material. Third Party Assets. These are the assets that, although not owned by the brand. Are frequently  for the execution of its digital strategy or necessary for its commercial activity.

The Assets That We Can Find In This Group

are the platforms that allow the construction and publication of online advertisements such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads . Likewise, the social networks that the brand uses to spread its content, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn also appear on this list. Assets created by users. They are also digital assets by third parties, but in this case by. The community of netizens and the control that they have over them is very little or none.

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