Make A Good Segmentation

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Make A Good Segmentation


For this step you have to know who your audience is, to be able to address them in the best way and achieve results. It is essential that you know where your client is in the funnel and the goal you want to achieve. Remember to have made the profile of your buyer person . You can segment by demographic data, display the ad on certain pages, depending on where the user is in the purchase process, by geographic location, language, etc. For each ad or group of ads you create, make a new segmentation that adapts to the objective you want to achieve.

Choose the right format Depending on the objective of your campaign, you will have to choose the format that best suits you. The types of formats are the following: text ad Image or Banner Ad video ad Keep in mind that when creating an ad, apart from the importance of the format, they Nigeria whatsapp number list have a clear, simple and brief message. You need to make your ad engaging and relevant to your audience to get as many conversions as possible. Remember to take care of the design, with quality images and sound, that the CTA (call to action) are easy to distinguish

Indicate To The User

the action you want them to perform, Run A/B tests This point is very simple, since it is about carrying out experiments with your campaigns, creating two versions of an ad to see which one works better. Variant A is the original, while variant B are the ones that contain modified elements, that is, playing with the CTAs, titles, copy, etc. Then you just have to check which one gives you better results and therefore, is more effective. To know if an A/B test works,

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you have to wait until both versions have received a relevant number of impressions and clicks to be able to draw conclusions. In short, now that you know what a Google display campaign is and the techniques to make it work, it’s time to put it into practice in your business. Display advertising offers you a lot of possibilities to make your ad reach your target audience. Take advantage of this tool to promote your brand and products. We hope you liked this article!

As You May Already Know

bofu is one of the stages that forms the sales funnel . Specifically, it is the final part of the well-known funnel and, therefore, the last stage where you have to try to close the sale. Today we tell you why it is important to know how to take advantage of it and what content to contribute to it. Bottom of the funnel Bottom of the funnel or BOFU is the third stage of the sales funnel and, therefore, its objective is to complete the conversion.

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