Local Seo in Times of Coronavirus

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Local Seo in Times of Coronavirus

Google has become a kind of digital showcase for establishments in the online world. Many companies, which have invested a large part of their budget in new strategies for local SEO management, have found themselves not knowing what to do so as not to suddenly lose months of work. As many of the clients on local , since the beginning of the quarantine, have asked for advice on what are the best practices to follow during and after the forty to continue optimizing their web positioning, we are going to summarize them below. Local SEO in times of coronavirus: keep in touch with your customers with your updated information one of the points that caused the most concern at the beginning of the confinement was the management of the basic information of the google files: contact telephone number, hours, attributes…

Closing and opening hours as an instant response to this health crisis, google decided to indicate the “temporary closure” of all those establishments that should remain closed during the quarantine. This caused quite a bit of damage during the first weeks of confinement since some of these establishments did maintain their activity, although in different ways, such as the previous case of liberal professionals. In addition, indicating that UAE WhatsApp Number List establishment is “temporarily closed” does not invite users to find out if this information is really correct or not, which may affect the percentage of actions carried out on google files (clicks to the web, consultation of itineraries, etc.).

Google Reviews: Respond to All User Comments

Given this case, showing exceptional hours can be a good solution so that these files do not fall into oblivion. In addition, this type of schedule method does not negatively affect the google algorithm. And therefore, it can help to raise these cards in the ranking of results. Telephone contacts in this period, many companies or independent. Professionals have had to close their physical establishments from one day to the next, even if they have maintained their usual activity. This is the case of professions such as restoration, in which many have maintained their home service in this situation. How can direct contact with customers be adapted in this case if the service or activity is still maintained? In reference to the same example that was raised, many have changed their fixed restaurant numbers for a mobile phone where they can contact more quickly.


That is why changing said contact number for a mobile phone. Will positively motivate customer satisfaction and will serve to easily resume the activity afterward. Attributes in addition to changes in contact or schedules. We have seen new functionalities that did not exist before for SEO management and that have been. Emerging during this health crisis. This is the case with the new “click&collect” attributes. Dedicated to all those establishments whose activity has been partially re-established or developed. More specific services such as “curbside pickup” or “pickup at the establishment”. Google reviews: respond to all user comments with another concern. What to do with all the reviews left in the different google tabs of the establishments.

Google Posts: Last Weapon to Communicate

And it is that, given this doubt, google initially blocked the possibility. For weeks, google my business users watched users leave thousands of reviews. Without being able to reply to them, which was pretty frustrating. Product listings on google change to include multiple images, videos. And reviews after a few weeks, the search engine has re-enabled. The review response functionality, creating a workload for companies. Which will have to be answer little by little. Google posts: the last weapon to communicate one last point. To take into account is the google posts that allow the dissemination of content within the tabs (products, events, etc.).

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