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We expect a warm welcome in our Airbnb home, order a handyman with a few swipes and assume that our groceries will be delivered to the kitchen. Welcome to the experience economy in which Bahamas Phone Number List service and attention are the new standards. Logo Airbnb These expectations have now also spread to healthcare. We want to be in control of ourselves and be able to make our own choices.

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We expect insight into our care process and simple steps. 6 innovation opportunities for healthcare organizations With these high expectations and challenges ahead, digital solutions and UX offer huge opportunities for healthcare organizations. But where do you start? I will discuss 6 innovation opportunities that I believe are up for grabs.

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From information to understanding: digitization of medical information and advice 2. Conversational interfaces: an online personal signpost 3. A My-environment that is really for me 4. Help patients make choices 5. Execute an open data strategy 6. Start experimenting – and carry it out 1. From information to understanding: digitization of medical information and advice Much medical information.

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