Lighthouse Web New Online Test Tool and Advanced Guides!

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Lighthouse Web New Online Test Tool and Advanced Guides!

Which notably integrates the Lighthouse analysis engine, the Chrome development teams have also just announced the release of a brand new online interface for testing the performance of its website on all points analyzed by the Lighthouse extension. This new site also includes some very detailed and informative guides. Here’s what it looks like. After being just a browser extension (not always very powerful), Lighthouse now has a brand new web interface to analyze any page of any website without having to download and install a Chrome extension always with Google tools, the interface is simple, uncluttered, but effective ! new google lighthouse tool Here is an overview of the new interface of Google Lighthouse

This new tool analyzes and audits the performance of a site, some user experience criteria and some important elements for SEO based on a 3G internet connection from a smartphone (hence your score probably much lower than your old one). mobile PageSpeed ​​Insights score or your current desktop score). Summary : Once the test has been launched, the new tool business number for cell phone give you an optimization score for the following 5 indicators: Accessibility Performance SEO PWA (Progressive Web App) Web best practices The results are then accessible in 3 distinct ways: Directly on the new interface of the tool From the Lighthouse online interface ( example ) By downloading the PDF report associated with the analysis performed 3 things we love about this new Lighthouse online interface:

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Google lighthouse tool recommendations is an overview of some recommendations provided by the tool. In addition to analyzing and identifying areas for improvement. On 5 key subjects, this new interface associates them with a level of criticality and an online resource to help the Internet user correct the problem. Convenient ! google lighthouse guides Here is an overview of some (very detailed) guides currently available. The online tool offers both a “Test” section and. “Learn” section with several detailed guides including a great guide on optimizing loading time. If you you can also connect to your Google account to be able to follow your progress over time

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Still in beta open to all, this new tool finalized and still some bugs now hugely popular ​​Insights tool just got a complete redesign and added new features. Here’s a little preview of what’s new! After launching 4 new features in early 2018 , Google’s loading time test and optimization tool has officially had a facelift! Since its launch in 2010, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights has quickly established itself as. One the essential tools when you want to optimize the loading time of your website . Providing detailed advice and displaying a mobile and desktop optimization score (separated from the real loading time of the site). This tool remains, even more today since its recent update, a very good complement of tools offering a analysis of the final real loading time.

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The site according to the location (such as, Speed ​​Test or GTmetrix). This brand new version of Google Page Speed ​​Insights differs from the previous interface and other tools. In particular by the integration of its Lighthouse web performance audit tool. Now directly integrated into the heart of mobile and desktop performance analysis. in its new. Even more ergonomic and user-friendly version, Google’s one-page speed test tool includes a total of 4 important sections depending. On the type of device). The mobile and desktop optimization speed score New Score Page Speed ​​Insights Here is a preview of the new Google.

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