Laboratory Data and Associated Opportunities

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Laboratory Data and Associated Opportunities

This new report provides estimates on various metrics related to the performance and loading time of a web page. First Contentful Paint Speed ​​Index Delay before interactivity First significant pass First idle processor. Estimation of the latency time before intervention From now on. PSI integrates a new section called “Opportunities” with precise recommendations and an estimate of the loading time that it is possible to gain after correction . This new section, directly from Lighthouse is very interesting because it clearly indicates to the SEO which projects he should focus on in priority to see results quickly. Successful diagnoses and audits: new google page speed diagnostics This section, very similar to the old one .Provides valuable information on the sites to  prioritized to optimize the general loading time of the analyzed site.

On the other hand, the new “Diagnostics” section now goes much further by providing much more technical and precise recommendations than the recommendations of the previous PSI interface (such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML minification and image compression). New Google Page Speed ​​Insights: time to take stock The new interface of PSI is in our opinion a success  Now investors mailing list even more advice and recommendations to developers and webmasters without having to use the third-party Lighthouse tool as was the case until now, this new, much more technical interface will delight developers and technical SEOs. Clearly more technical than the previous version, it is therefore now a very good complement to the Test My Site tool , which is much more suitable for the

​​Insights Interface with Mobile and Desktop

Score display on a different tab Now calculated with data from the Lighthouse performance audit tool, the ​​Insights mobile and desktop load time optimization score will therefore no longer be the same as the one we could have had until now (which risk of impacting many SEO agencies and clients who used it as a basis to measure the impact of their actions in terms of loading time optimization). To help you analyze how Google perceives the speed of your page. Google now gives us a clear scale telling us if our site page loads slowly or quickly according to Google. Between 90 and 100 : your page is fast Between 50 and 89 : your page loads moderately fast Between 0 and 49 : your page is slow


Here is a preview of the page speed insights report on field data for google. Only available for fairly popular pages and sites  this field data tells the or webmaster. How their web page ranks (in loading performance) against other pages included in the Google Chrome user experience report . The report is based on usage data collected over the past days. Google shows the ninetieth percentile of the start of the loading of content by the browser. And the measures the time from when a user interacts with your sit. When they click on a link or button until the browser is actually able to respond to that interaction. Lazy loading a practice that allows you to defer the loading of static web resources to save loading time.  A negative impact on correctly implemented.

Lazy Loading Is Now a Very Common Practice in

It consists in deferring from the initial loading, the loading of content and resources not visible at first sight. Concretely  this technique is mainly used to delay loading of images and videos that are located below the fold line. This practice allows the user to load  upon arrival on the site. Only the elements essential to the display of the beginning of the.  Drastically accelerates the loading time of the web page and therefore significantly improves the experience. When he scrolls resources are then loaded automatically  he scrolls and navigates the  down. When we leave a  it takes  seconds to load  we quickly  why this optimization . Allowing the reduction of the loading time is implemented on sites.

But now for Google  there may be a catch indeed  if the lazy loading is poorly implemented. And configured this technique. Can have a negative impact on the natural referencing  of the site in question. To what extent can lazy loading negatively impact the  of a site Postponing the loading of content that is not critical or not visible at first glance by the Internet user can have a negative effect on. Its implementation hides important elements such as images, videos or content from Google.  The search engine can indirectly penalize the site in the search results because it . Will not have all the cards in hand to evaluate the page and the site.

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